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Sweats in the Moby?

Hello ladies, 

I've lurked here from time to time but never posted so hello!  I have a two month old and my husband and I follow a lot of the AP practices.  We bedshare, babywear, and are EBF our little guy.   My question though is about the Moby. My son sweats like crazy.  It doesn't take much for him to get hot, and it's winter here right now!  I bought a Moby and we both love it.  He usually goes to sleep almost instantly when I put him in it.  Not to mention it makes getting stuff done and shopping a breeze.  The problem though is he completely overheats in it. Usually within an hour he'll wake up, start squirming and whining and I know I've got to take him out.  I've tried dressing him in lighter clothes but it still doesn't make a difference.  

Any suggestions on what to do? I'd rather not buy another carrier as I already purchased a peanut sling that I don't use, and would like to get an Ergo this summer.  Any ways to make the Moby work without him overheating? 

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Re: Sweats in the Moby?

  • im wondering if you have him in a dark colored moby? i have one as well it has a black and red design on it. i loved the design but also got it because with our harsh winters i was hoping the darker colors would help to insulate DD. dark colors contain and absorb heat, at least thats what my grandmother (a physicist, none of that old wives tales) told me growing up. it did wonderfully to protect her from the snow and cold but was much too warm for her in the summer. 

    if urs is a dark color i would suggest getting a lighter colored one (many privately owned baby shops are happy to trade with you) and see how that works. if that doesnt help i would suggest actually getting a sling. i tried one and loved it my little girl messed with the ring and stuff a whole bunch and it didnt get loose at all. couldn't buy it at the time cause i didnt have enough money and by the time i did it was winter again and my daughter was too old for it.

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  • I have a lighter colored Moby and my little guy still sweats in it.  I usually just put him in it in a onesie and pants w/socks to help lessen the sweating.

     As a side note - if you are looking into the Ergo also look at the Beco because the Beco allows baby to face out when they get older whereas the Ergo does not.

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  • I also had the same problem with my moby, she and I both got warm.  So I startedt o only wear a tank top and put DD in a onesie.  That seems to be much more comfortable and DD likes having the skin-to-skin contact with me.  I am a little nervous what we'll do when it starts to get warmer outside. 
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  • this only happened once so far with LO.  I just stripped her down to her onesie.  probably would have forgone that and left her in just her diaper if i needed to 
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