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TTC#2 at 38

 Hi Ladies, I've been lurking for a while and wanted to say "Hi".  Also, I'm wondering if anyone has gone through something similar...I'm TTC # 2 for 6-mos.  This month I had awful nausea symptoms starting at 9dpo.  I was convinced I was pregnant.  On 12dpo (yesterday), I had started bleeding.  It seemed like spotting yesterday, and I thought it was implantation bleeding but it continues today.  So, duh, this is my period.  But, am I going crazy?  I did not make up this nausea symptom for several days?!?  Is it possible something just went wrong?  Anyways, I thank you for letting me vent...

Re: TTC#2 at 38

  • Welcome to the board.  I am 37 and TTC#2 as well.  This is cycle 4 for us.

    Not sure about your nausea but I do know that I have had phantom symptoms a lot this time around.  They range from spotting to nausea to backaches...SO frustrating!!

     Good luck to you.  I hope your TTC journey for #2 ends soon! 

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  • Hi, jellyfish.  I'm new here too, TTC #1 at 38, and I totaly understand about phantom symptoms.  I'm 3 weeks late and went every symptom this week.  It wasn't until I accepted my 2nd BFN when my symptoms simply evaporated.  Now it looks like AF is about to knock on my door.  It's amazing what the mind can do!
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  • Just wanted to say welcome!  Sorry about the phantom symptoms, IF can play evil evil mind games!

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  • Welcome and Phantom Symptoms are the worse!!!  

  • Hi and welcome. 

    In answer to your question - anything is possible. But unless you had a positive pregnancy test, I'd chalk it up to phantom symptoms - boo. 

  • You are not crazy.  I get nausea every two week wait.  My body is just sensitive to any hormonal changes.  I always hope that it is something different but spotting turns into bleeding every time.  Hang in there.
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  • Thanks so much for the support ladies!  It really helped.  My phantom symptoms have now disappeared and I'm ready to start a new cycle...GL to all this month.
  • Hi there!  Just wanted to say good luck to you as well - I am a newbie & same age and TTC #2 also.  I didn't even know there was such a thing as phantom symptoms, but I think that must explain some things that were going on for myself as well.  Thanks for your post!

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