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All About Women - Mercy

Hi Ladies, I was wondering if any of you are in the All About Women practice?

So far, I love it. I've had my first two appts, this is my first pregnancy, and I'm curious about what's to come :)

Someone asked me the other day if my clinic measures fetal growth with ultrasounds or by measuring the belly. I realized I don't know and I'll have to find out at my next appt! Anyone know?



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Re: All About Women - Mercy

  • I'm in the 3rd tri and also go to AAW.  They measure fetal growth by measuring your belly.  They are a fantastic practice, but I wouldn't expect many ultrasounds unless you are high-risk (gestational diabetes, advanced maternal age, etc.)  After the NT scan and the anatomy scan at Maternal and Fetal Medicine, they said they won't order any additional ultrasounds.
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  • That's alright - It's good to know! 
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  • There are a couple of girls on the maine nest who have used them.  GL
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