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C section at Bellevue in Niskayuna

Has anybody here had a c section at Bellevue. How was your experience and what should I expect? Please share your details....even the scary ones. That doesn't bother me. Much appreciated.
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Re: C section at Bellevue in Niskayuna

  • I had a scheduled c-section there in 2010.  No huge complaints.  They'll ask you what kind of music you'd like playing in the OR (I think there were 3 options).  All of the OR nurses were great.  The anesthesiologist could have had a better bedside manner.  They don't allow any pictures in the OR or the nursery.  You have to stay in recovery until you can move your legs again -- usually about an hour.  I believe if everything is ok with the baby, they'll bring him/her to the recovery room.  DS had a little fluid in his lungs, typical w/ c-section babies, so he was in the nursery a little longer.  If you'd like anymore info/details, let me know!  Good luck!!
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  • Thanks for the info. Sounds pretty straight forward. Working on a breech baby here and just preparing myself for all situations. For some reason I thought you were allowed to take pictures...not of the surgery of course but right after. Oh well. Did you get your own private room after the surgery?
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  • My doctor had signs posted in his office that Bellevue doesn't allow pictures in the OR, in the nursery, or during the pushing/deliver portion of a traditional birth.  They may have changed that policy in the past couple of years. 

     The recovery room is private w/ a curtain, but the hospital itself does not have any private rooms.  They are in the middle of a remodel and will have more private rooms in 2013 I believe.  They try to keep 1 person to a room as much as possible.  I was in a room by myself for the first 2 nights and had a roommate the 3rd night.  If you do have a roommate, your SO would not be able to stay in the room with you.  My husband slept in a waiting room the 3rd night because he didn't want to go home.  There is only 1 rocking chair per room, so if you have the room to yourself at first, have someone move it to your side :)

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