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men's underwear determines sex of baby

Disclaimer: this post is just for fun and something my husband and i were laughing about today.. but i'm also very curious, so would love for people to reply :)


My DH thinks that there is an association between the type of underwear that he wears while we conceive and the sex of our baby and future baby. It is well known that the "male sperm" are faster swimmers but also not as resilient as the "female sperm". When his mother and father were trying to have a baby 30 years ago their doctor suggested that he stop wearing tighty whities due to the fact that the increased temperature of the scrotum may not be ideal for the survival of sperm. As soon as his father switched to boxers, they conceived. Anyways... so my husband thinks that we will always have girls because he wears tight boxer briefs instead of loose fitting boxers.

 If you don't mind my informal survey.. what kind of underwear does your husband/signficant other wear and what was the sex of your kiddos? 


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Re: men's underwear determines sex of baby

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