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***First Year Check-In***

Welcome to the First Year check-in!


If you'd like to join the group, please post your child's birth date, sex, and name/nickname if you'd like. 


Continued T&P's to Cagle's daughter Sarah--yay for the weight gain!
Lots of healthy dust to all our sickies.


QOTW: What's your favorite thing that your LO is doing right now?


Updates: Let us know what's going on with your LO!


intheatx--DD (Katie) 3/16/11
amycathy?DS (Andrew) 3/18/11
flymansWife--DS 5/11/11
Mrs.Purdue--DD 5/11/11
cia--DD 5/20/11
rssnlvr--DS 5/25/11     (DD-9/15/09)
BSE--DD 5/30/11
ssinca--DS 6/1/11
bluestreet--DD (Mags) 6/9/11
jml5q--DS 7/6/11     (DD-1/1/09)
NoVA-grl?DD 7/7/11     (DS-5/28/09)
CagleBaby?DD (Sarah) 7/11/11     (DD1-4/25/08; DD2-12/31/09)
SarahPLiz--DS (ATL "Sparky") 7/20/11
brooke152?DS 7/27/11
MammaOwl11?DD (Alexa) 8/22/11
MrsNole?DD 8/23/11
BoxerMomma--DD (Beatrice) 8/26/11    (DD1- )
JenniferL923--DS 8/28/2011     (DD 3/24/2010)
sozay23?DD 9/5/11
El_twirpo?DS 9/20/11
ebat?DD 9/29/11     (DD1-  )
colleenor?DS (Jakob/Jake) 10/13/11     (DS1-  )
kpowersw?DD 10/18/11     (DS-3/12/07; DS-10/20/08)
txbabs?DS (Lucas) 10/26/11     (DD-6/13/09)
Duckie07?DD 11/5/11     (DD1-  )
PHCaulfield?DS 12/2/11
amyliisa?DS (Dawson) 12/20/11     (DS1 7/10/08)
KittyFX?DS (Henry) 12/24/11     (DS1-  )
BabyTime01032012?DD (Claire) 1/1/12

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Re: ***First Year Check-In***

  • Hooray for Sarah's weight gain!

    QOTW:  DD#2 has started to laugh when we tickle her belly.  It's so cute!  I also love how she plays with her hands, like they are the most fascinating things ever.

    Update:  DD#2 has seemed to easily adjust to daycare.  She's definitely not sleeping as much as she did at home, but she was also really only took cat naps then too.  We're also in the midst of her hating to be in her carseat.  We did not have this problem with DD#1 so it's completely thrown us for a loop.  Makes the terribly long commute extremely heartbreaking.  Unfortunately, there's not much we can do about it.  :(  Anyone have any tips?

  • lots of healthy dust to everyone!!

    my favorite thing jake is doing is all the giggling and smiling....just LOVE it!  

    all in all, we're doing good.  jake has lost his portability when sleeping so that kind of sucks.  we have to get out on M/W to take max to/from MDO (today i had to wake jake up from a nap to go) to on the other days i make an effort to stay close to home so he can get some good naps in.  he'll be 4 months on the 13th and it has just gone by so fast!

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  • Duckie, can you hang a soft toy from the handle or get one of those toy bars that goes across to entertain her? Sorry, that would be awful for a long commute. :-(

    QOTW: DS loves to "bonk" foreheads. When I say "bonk," he'll lean forward to touch his forehead to mine, and then rub his head back and forth laughing. Rinse, repeat. I loooove it. 

    Update: It was awful giving him antibiotics over the weekend. He HATED them and would cough or spit them out when we tried to give them to him. He did the same with his probiotics. I felt like we were waterboarding him. This weekend pretty much sucked and I cried a lot that he was sick, that he was going to get thrush, that we were having to constantly give him medicine, etc. etc. Went back to pedi on Monday to see if there was any progress, and his ear hadn't changed at all (not infected, just a lot of fluid), so we got to stop the antibiotics (and probiotics) and went back to just cardec for the congestion/cough that resurfaced over the weekend. So now we are *just* dealing with teething and a cough, which after the last five weeks seems like such a break!! 

    Dear Bump: You suck.
  • My favorite thing Sparky is doing right now: Sleeping! Halle- friggin-lujah. We are up twice a night at most, but usually only once.

    Update: He rolled for the first time ever on Sunday, back to front. Still can't do front to back. On his belly he just wants to lay there and whine. His PT is working and his tilt and head shape are MUCH improved.  

    But now he has something going on with his skin. Maybe eczema?  Its under his chin and on both of his sides. It doesn't seem to bother him but it looks horribly itchy to me. We have started BLW but I can't think of anything that changed since last week except I started eating an orange every day. A citrus allergy couldn't be triggerd by breastmilk, could it? Anyway, no new foods until I figure this all out 

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  • QOTW - My favorite thing ever happens when I come home from work.  I'll see him from afar and start talking to him and he looks all around until he sees me and gives me a HUGE grin.  It makes my whole day, I absolutely just love it.

    Updates - He is cutting two bottom teeth right now and it is the worst thing yet.  :-(  I feel so, so bad for him.  They have partially broken through and I wish they would just hurry up and make their move complete!  He was up almost all night last night in pain.  We've given Tylenol and Hylands but they don't seem work for too long.  Any suggestions?  Other than that, we are plugging right along.  DH and I finally decided that we are much more comfortable with a family bed than CIO.  We've both learned how to sleep with him in the bed and are much happier now that we've come to terms with that.  I am reading Ferber's book now though and it is very interesting, I am learning a lot. Last week he slept in his crib all week, until Saturday and I think that's when his teeth really started bothering him b/c he was up all that night and Sunday.  Slept Monday and Tuesday and up all last night.  Hurry up. teeth!! 

    Duckie - I so feel your pain on the car seat.  From 5 weeks until just a few weeks ago, the car seat was his own personal hell (and mine, too!).  It was awful, we pretty much didn't go anywhere.  I put all sorts of things on it at different times to try and make him happy.  It seems like when he finally was able to play with them, rather than just stare, he relaxed.  I think what triggered it is that I finally just put his favorite toy in there for him to hold and chew on.  He seems almost happy in there now.  GL, I hope it doesn't last much longer for you.

    SarahPLiz - Do you think Sparky's rash could be from drooling?  I remember one of my nephews had a nasty rash just from his drool when he started teething. I do think citrus would come out in BM though if you think that's it.  BFing is so hard sometimes.  I joked with DH that I am eating grilled chicken and plain rice until he weans.  ha! 

  • imagebrooke152:

     We've given Tylenol and Hylands but they don't seem work for too long.  Any suggestions? 

    Our pedi said that tylenol really doesn't do much for pain and should really only be used on fevers. Best thing we've found for pain is motrin/ibuprofen. 

    Teething SUCKS. 

    Dear Bump: You suck.
  • imagerssnlvr:

     We've given Tylenol and Hylands but they don't seem work for too long.  Any suggestions? 

    Our pedi said that tylenol really doesn't do much for pain and should really only be used on fevers. Best thing we've found for pain is motrin/ibuprofen. 

    Teething SUCKS. 

    Yes, ditto the ibuprofen rec.  We always tried to give ibuprofen before bedtime to help DD1 sleep through the pain.  During the day we could give her things to chew on, so we tried to save the meds for nighttime.  

    Thanks for the car ride recs, ladies.  Fortunately, yesterday evening and this morning's car rides were much smoother.  She still fussed, but there were no tears and she even slept this morning.  We've tried everything--toys hanging from the seat, soft lovey-type toys, couple of different pacifiers, music, no music, shushing, I try to hug her with my hands, DD1 sings to her.  Nothing works.  So, I'm hoping the last two rides are an indication that we might be past the worst.  Fingers crossed!

  • Oh my gosh, I feel horrible!  I didn't realize that Tylenol was not helpful.  For some reason I thought that he was too young for ibuprofen but it looks like 6 months is good to go.  THANK YOU LADIES!!!

    So glad about the car ride, Duckie!  I hope you are on the upswing!

    Rssn - Just saw that your guy is teething, too.  Hope it goes quickly!

  • late to the game, but wanted to participate too!

    QOTW: DS is blowing raspberries like nobody's business. it amuses him so much that he has this new talent. besides that, i feel like i've been too tired and busy from work that i don't notice what other cool things he's doing. :-

    Update: we had mini success with letting him just play in his crib at 3 am instead of tending to him. he fell asleep after 20 minutes. but when he woke up again 15 minutes later, he was upset. i thought he was hungry (nope), and then i ended up rocking him back to sleep. so total, we only lost maybe half an hour of sleep vs the 1.5 -2 hours the previous nights from wake-ups.

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