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How many bottles did you register for?

I plan to breast feed, but also use bottles with breast milk in them. How many bottles should I register for?  Varying sizes?

What do you store your breast milk in?

Re: How many bottles did you register for?

  • I'm not registering for real until this Friday.  But right now I'm planning to get 1-2 of a couple different kinds until we can figure out what's going to work for us.  I'd hate to getva bunch of Dr. Browns if Avent are going to work better.  Or vice versa.
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  • With DD we were planning on EBF (she had digestive issues and got EBF for 6 wks) and registered for a few different starter packs like breastflow, medela, nuk,evenflo, and avent. I wouldn't stock up yet on one particular brand untill you see what your baby prefers. We have about 15 bottles in rotation now and that is plenty for us. I used lansinoh bags to store BM.

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  • I'm just registering for 3-4 brands of single/double packs. I, too, plan to breastfeed but I heard that every baby has their bottle preference so having a small variety on hand might be helpful when the time comes to introduce a bottle.
  • I'd register for the single bottles in a couple of different brands and the packs of what you hope to use.

    Playtex drop ins have a breast milk storage thing so you can store in the drop ins that you put in the bottle.

  • My advice is to skip the small (4- to 5-oz) bottles and just get the larger ones. Especially since you don't plan to exclusively bottle feed.  The small bottles are only useful for a couple months and then baby starts taking 5+ ounces at a time (DD drank 5+ oz in one feeding at 2.5 months old).  You can feed them from a large bottle from day 1.

    I agree with others who said to get a variety, since it's one of those things where every baby is different. DD preferred Tommee Tippee Close to Nature bottles, as well as Dr. Brown's.  We probably had 5 or 6 bottles in rotation every day, but I bottle-fed full time.

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  • Too many!  I had 9 4 oz and 9 8 oz Dr Browns- my son was a mess on them with spitting up so I had to buy new bottles after sterilizing all of those!  I would just register for a 2 or 3 pack of 2 different kinds of 4/5 oz size bottles.  And I disagree about the small ones.  My son was only taking 4 oz at a time of breastmilk through a Born Free bottle until he was 9 months old!  The smaller bottles got more use than the larger ones.  Once you know what kind your baby does good with pick up an extra pack or two if you are doing dishwasher, otherwise 3 or 4 is plenty if you wash by hand.
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