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I only have one sleep bra.  I wanted to until after I had the baby to see what size I would be to buy a real bra.  What kind do you recommend?  I need something other than the white sleep bra!
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Re: Bras?

  • I didn't get my sleep bras until I was 8 weeks PP, and truly regret it.  I got generic ones from Target for $11 each, they are super comfy and all I wear.
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  • I love the target sleep bras and for the cost you can get a bunch
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  • I really like the Bravado seamless bras.  I also have a Glamour Mom nursing tank which I like as well.
  • I sleep in the Bravado Bodysilk Seamless.  It's seems as comfortable as I can find, given I hate sleeping in a bra.  I also use them a lot for everyday wear.

  • Are you looking for bras to sleep in or just regular nursing bras?  For regular, I have the bravado bodysilk as well.  They were pricy, but they're really comfortable.  I also have a couple from Target.  I don't like them as well, but they work just fine.

    I didn't care for the sleep bras.  The ones I had just pulled down over the shoulder and it never seemed very convenient to me.  I just bought a couple of nursing tanks from target and I slept in those every night.

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  • nursing tanks work great for me.
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