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Progesterone Supplement question

For you girls that took progesterone did you notice any difference in symptoms when you stopped them?  I was on progesterone suppositories up until 8wks.  Since I've come off of them I'm still nauseous, sore boobs, etc but the bloat is not nearly as bad as it was a few weeks ago and the nausea first thing in the morning isn't as rough.  I'm hoping this is normal?  Just curious what everyone elses experiences with this have been.

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Re: Progesterone Supplement question

  • I did lose some of my bloat around the same time I stopped the progesterone.  But my RE said most of the bloat was from hyper stimulation and that's about the time my ovaries calmed down.
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  • I was on progesterone (Crinone to be exact, the vaginal gel) from 7 weeks through the middle of the 12th week. I thought I had worse boob pain and nausea after starting it, and I noticed a decrease in symptoms when I stopped. I can't say it was the progesterone or just the worst of the first trimester symptoms being over, but I think there is at least a chance that progesterone at least exacerbated some of the symptoms!
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  • I didn't really have an increase of symptoms on the progesterone. I was on it from 6-12.5 weeks. At my 16 week appt, my dr. asked "so have you're symptoms gotten a lot better since coming off the progesterone?" and I was like "oh... well they never got bad????". So I think it's pretty normal for them to decrease once coming off of it. :) I just never had severe symptoms at all this whole pregnancy. And what I did have (queasiness some mornings) went away at 8 weeks.
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  • The bloat went way down and my digestive issues (pain and cramping after eating) also lightened up dramatically.
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  • The side effects of progesterone mirror early pregnancy symptoms, so if you are still having symptoms just less of them & they stopped being as strong once you stopped the progesterone I am going to assume that's the reason.

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