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Cloth wipes from Etsy

I followed someone's recommendation from a few weeks ago and ordered a bunch of two-layer flannel cloth wipes from Etsy from a couple different sellers. They are all so cute and nice that I wish I knew other people who cloth diaper so I could buy more and give them as gifts. I have 30 now, and they ended up about $1 each. Will that be enough (for a newborn), or should I get some more?

Re: Cloth wipes from Etsy

  • Who did you buy from? 
  • 30 is probably plenty.

    People that don't cloth diaper could still use cloth wipes for noses and hands and faces. I need to get some more to keep in the kitchen.

  • image westrose:
    Who did you buy from? 

    yes, please :) 

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  • The sellers were softandscrubby and loveroflifedesigns. LoverOfLifeDesigns makes custom packs and I asked for mine to be girl colors or neutrals, light colors, and animals, and she hit the mark perfectly on all three. Plus they just had really lovely presentation, and delivery was super fast. This was the first time I ever bought anything from Etsy, and I am definitely pleased.
  • 30 is enough if you are washing every other day.
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