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13 oz at 20 weeks

The technician that was doing my ultrasound told me that the baby weighed 13 oz.  I didn't think anything of it at the time, but after reading my books it seems that's rather large for 20 weeks.  My next appt isn't for another 2 weeks so I haven't had the chance to discuss this with my doctor. Any insight??

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Re: 13 oz at 20 weeks

  • LO was 8 at 18 weeks (and they told me it was spot on). They are around 1 pound at 22 weeks. So it seems about right to me.
  • Might be off a little. Think of how small 13oz is, and how hard it is to weigh something without a scale. I've heard way too many people who were supposed to have 8-9# babies, but they actually weight only 7 or so....
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  • At my 20 week appointment, she was exactly the same 13oz. At 22 she was 1lb. But im pretty sure there is no real way to weigh the baby - I think its just a guess :) She did tell me that Lola was in the 52nd percentile - so that was good enough for me!
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  • Our LO measured 12 oz at 20 weeks

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  • Our baby was 15 oz at 18w6d! Which was about 3 weeks ahead! They scheduled another U/S for 6 weeks (which is Tuesday) to check her size. DH is a biiiig guy so they said it might be that, or they might change my EDD. We find out Tuesday!
  • Our lo weighed in at 17.7 ounces at just under 21 weeks, we were told she is in the 65th percentile.  After reading different things, I was kinda nervous that she is gonna be a big baby...Dr said everything is fine though.
  • At my u/s on Friday the u/s tech said he weighed 15 oz and that it was just right. 
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  • Our U/S was on Friday at 20 weeks 2 days weighed in at 11 oz which they said was right on - they said it could vary from 9 oz to 14 oz and in be in the normal range.

    My sister said her baby was right at 14oz.

    I think you are fine. Don't worry!

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  • Our little girl weighed in at a whopping 14 ounces at 20 weeks exactly.  Tech said that she was measuring 4 days ahead and had a big head and big tummy, but nothing to be worried about.  I didn't think anything of it until I looked at the fruit thing on here and they said 10 ounces.  I figure that if my doctor isn't worried, then I'll just take it as I'm feeding Cadie well Big Smile
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  • That was my LO's weight at 20 weeks. Last week she was 6.5 lbs (36th percentile). 

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  • At our 20 week u/s LO was 11 oz.

    I think that yours sounds good!

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  • At 20 weeks 5 days when I went the the high risk specialist they said he was weighing 14 oz and they said that he was growing right on track, so I think that is normal. Just remember every baby grows differently, they aren't all going to be the same.
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  • they told me 14oz at 20 weeks, but i'm not sure they can accurately measure baby's weight anyway.  think about how small that is and how large their margin of error is.
  • ours was 10 oz. at 19w2d.
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