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Predicting Sex...

Just wondering if anyone has ever had someone predict the sex based on your cursive writing!?  I had a friend do this for me the other day and am wondering it it's really accurate...according to her, it's a boy!  :)  We'll see if she's right soon enough.  

Re: Predicting Sex...

  • My friend's mom predicted the sex of our baby...but she used a "special" necklace of hers. I've never heard of the cursive writing one though. lol. But she also said that we were expecting a boy! :) I'm hoping for a boy, but like you said, we'll find out soon (: Congratulations!

  • my mom predicted sex of the baby for my sister-in-law adn she was correct. all of my husbands family looking at my almost-no belly and try to predict too

    i hope they are right lol


  • the only two people who have tried to predict my gender is my nieces lol, and they swear i am going to have a girl.
  • I've heard of too many ways to predict sex... it's all very annonying. If you want to find out, go to a private ultrasound place that specializes in determining gender. You can go once you're 13 weeks. That's what I did. It's a girl and no more guessing!
  • I am not crazy; but I am actually really good at predicting gender. I was right with my son, and my nephews, niece and three of my friends babies in the past year. I just**knew** two were having girls and one was having a boy.

    I am fairly confident this one is a girl, even though I can't really decide what I "want" We'll see!

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