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Okay so it's been 4 months!!

Hey everyone! It's been 4 months and 1 week since my baby was born. I had a pretty rough labor so I couldn't work out for a while, i started maybe at 2 and a half months, closer to 3. I have been struggling to diet and exercise when I can which is very rarely with the baby. I hate wearing sweats but it's the only thing that fits me, money is tight I can't afford all new clothes. 

Any tips on how to lose the weight besides the obvious? Hoping someone has some miracle for me, I feel 85 in a 24 year olds body :( 

Re: Okay so it's been 4 months!!

  • I'm unclear what you mean about 'the obvious' but all I can say is weightloss is 80% diet, so try to commit to eating heathly while you figure out a routine of exercise with your new baby. Drink only water. Consider reading the Eat clean diet series by Tosca Reno (lots of info online too, so it's free). Eat only fruit, veggie, lean protein and complex carbs. GL, it takes time.
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  • Track your nutrition with MyFitnessPal.com.  Like the PP said weightloss is 80% nutrition, 20% exercise.  Make healthier choices like apples instead of chips or fries and high fiber, whole wheat carb foods.

  • I agree with ppers and I'll add that you should cut out any extra sugar in your diet and cut out alcohol. I also follow the "no white at night" rule, which means no carbs after 4pm, only lean protein and vegetables. It doesn't feel like you are depriving yourself so much because you can have your toast for breakfast and bread at lunch etc. but you reduce the carbs you're eating before sleep and also your total overall carb consumption.

    I recommend Dr Mark Hyman's book: Ultra-metabolism

    It's similar to the clean eating philosophy that pper mentioned. 

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