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8 month wakeful?

Did some googling today and found out there is an 8 month wakeful period, the 4 month wakeful was horrible!  I feel much more hopeful now knowing that this too shall pass. Anyone else have a little one waking up more often during the night? Anyone with older kids been through it?
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Re: 8 month wakeful?

  • yesterday, my child did not nap.. last night my child woke far too often.. then my child got up for the day at 645 (normally we get up at 745-800)


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  • Yep. Fighting it here. We skipped the 4 month wakeful, but not this. Now, in her defense, she is (finally) getting her bottom teeth so that is not helping.

    But she is fighting (and skipping) some naps durin the day. And at night? All she does is roll around and sit up. Last night she actually slept in one spot for a few hours, so I hope it is ending. Been going on for about 4-5 days now. 

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  • My children enjoy standing in their cribs and jumping up and down crying all night long.

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  • For the past week my LO has taken an hour + to get to sleep and has been waking at least 3 times a night. Normally she sleeps from 6:30pm-7am straight and goes down easily.  I hope this passes soon!
  • We skipped the 4 mo. wakeful too.  We're firstimers for this 8 mo. wakeful as a result!  I hope it passes quickly, but I have found that putting DS to sleep on his belly has helped a lot.  I'm fine with it too since he can clearly lift his upper body and for that matter move around the crib when he wants to.
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  • We went through it last week for about 5 nights straight.  DS woke up 2-3 times per night for (sometimes 30+ minutes at a time).  But he cut two teeth last week, and he's crawling and pulling up on furniture.  I think all of these new things just messed him up for a while.  This weekend, we got back on our normal sleeping schedule (going down at 7:00pm and sleeping till 6:00 am).
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