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18 month checkup

Only 1 1/2 months late. ?Pregnancy and illness have delayed Orion's appointment but we finally got it done yesterday. ?His stats:

Weight: 28 lbs 9 oz

Height: ?33 1/2 inches?

He's in the 75% for both. ?I have a big boy. ?He's right on track developmentally and got 3 shots. ?Afterwards I took him to Dairy Queen for an ice cream treat.?

Re: 18 month checkup

  • that's a great check up. he is growing up!!! i remember the little baby you had in your sig when he was like 6 mos. he was such a gumdrop and now he is eating ice cream! amazing!
  • Wow!  What a big boy you have there.  :)  I can't believe he's over 18 months.  that's craziness.
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  • I didn't realize he and Sarah were that close in age.  At her last appt she weighed 21 pounds.

    Ice cream cures everything!!


  • I'm glad he's doing great. A DQ treat makes everything better. :)
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