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those with dairy intolerant kiddos

I know there is a food allergy board, but I also know there are a lot of you on this board also. 

LO got an allergy test and tested negative for dairy and soy. and Celiacs. Which is GREAT. but, also a bit frustrating because now I feel like people are doubting that there is anything wrong with her - and why can't she have dairy if she's not allergic. I think some people think I'm nuts. (including my Pedi) But they don't have to stay up with her all night after she has diary. 

I guess I'm venting a bit, even though I am very thankful she is not actually allergic, and therefor don't have to worry about deadly reactions. 

if your LO was dairy intolerant, when did they grow out of it? Do intolerances just last forever for some kids?

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Re: those with dairy intolerant kiddos

  • Ari is now to the point where he can have cheese once a week, max. No other dairy products are tolerated. I'm actually the same way - I think I mentioned in one of your pp that I discovered I have issues with dairy after I gave it up for Ari. My asthma & sinus issues greatly improved, acne almost completely went away, itchy red eyes are gone. 

    I wouldn't elaborate on the test results with ppl other than doctors. They don't need to know the details, kwim? I remember when we 1st had allergy testing with Ari, certain ppl would act like it was a parenting decision to withhold certain foods, not a medical one. Really, really annoying. 


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  • Thanks WM! And congrats! I just read the thread below! yippee!

    Good idea with just not telling people. I'm going to do that - although I've already told my family and my sister is one of the people who thinks i'm nuts. meanwhile, her 8 year old daughter had severe sinus infections and asthma all year long and she refuses to even consider any elimination diet because it would suck for the kid. (who had ear infections and eczema when she was a baby and has always been "sick") But that's a whole new vent. she thinks i'm nuts, and i think she's nuts. haha!

    Here's to our kids growing out of at some point!

    I do recall you saying you has sensitivity to dairy too. I think i have a bit - I get some GI issues whenever i challenge dairy. So i guess it's good that i'm not eating it - I do feel a lot better when I don't.

    Which makes me wonder if I should even worry about adding back to LO's diet. It's just a pain to worry about all the hidden stuff, and she's now getting to the age where she sees what other people are eating and want it. : 

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  • DS1 and DS2 outgrew by 1.  Hoping DS3 does the same.

    When I first encountered this with DS1, I had no idea what it was and I was confused.  Like WM said, I try not to elaborate (even to many doctors) because it is sort of a long story since it isn't common knowledge in the mainstream... 

    ETA: Sorry if my post seems short & abrupt.  I wanted to respond, but had to rush off for the LOs. 

    Fortunate to be a SAHM to my 3 musketeers (5/2006, 5/2010 & 12/2011). Soy & dairy free for the 3rd and final time. Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers Lilypie Second Birthday tickers Lilypie First Birthday tickers imageimage
  • DD has one blood test at 9 weeks old that came back negative for dairy and everything else. At 12 months we did skin testing and that came back with elevated results for dairy and eggs .

    I am not taking her back for a skin test or blood draw anytime soon. At this age...yeah right. When she is old enough she can decide to get formal testing again. I don't do many food challenges because A. they always backfire and its not worth and B. she ends up getting things by mistake a few times a year and then wakes up screaming with a rock hard stomach.

    We deal with that same shiit with unsupportive relatives and friends who just don't get it. The in-laws are the worse and MIL has even told my mom she doesn't believe DD has any issues with dairy. I freak that the woman may be giving her things she is not supposed to have when she watches her two days a week. I've had to stop her from giving DD things off her plate touching other items that have dairy or trying to wipe dairy off of something and then give it to DD. It pisses me off to no end. And then there is DH's grandma, bless her heart, who "had 7 kids and they never had it". Ummm yeah lady you also talk about how at 3 weeks they were put in the crib screaming and the doors would stay closed until morning so I'm sure you were super in tune with their bodies....Sorry, I digress :-).

    I really just try not to talk about it and certainly not complain about it around these people. I'm so tired of people asking when she will outgrow it. I typically just say "probably never" and then if they push the testing issue I say something like "If you want to take her and pin her down for 20 minutes while she screams bloody murder for the testing and pay for all of the lab work let me know". That usually shuts them up.  Making vegan cupcakes for her b-day class party tomorrow out of a box mix with almond milk is no harder than making regular cupcakes.

    I love the haters though...yeah I nursed for 28mos on a restricted diet for no reason. Either way DD is happy and thriving I see no reason to force the issue. If she does outgrow it great, if not oh well. She can make herself sick on her own terms as an adult if she feels deprived of any foods.

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  • We are exploring that DD#2 might be intolerant right now. Our pedi wouldnt really consider it, saying she had have more reactions (other than the extreme fussiness, gassy, ear infections/ inflamed, spitting up/throwing up etc) like a rash or hives. We eliminated direct dairy anyway (we already drink soy/almond/coconut anyway but also switched over to coconut/soy yogurt, ice cream and we found a good tasting cheese substitute at Whole Foods) and she is a different child. She doesn't seem to have an issue with dairy being in a cooked item that is far down on the ingredient list though. I have noticed positive changes in my self since dropping it and DD#1 rarely gets it now too and is still a healthy thriving active child.

    It's hard because we are also vegetarian by choice so people think I'm nuts for "taking dairy away" too when she hasn't been tested, but like you said, they aren't at my house at night with a miserable kid!

    This is my long way of telling you, that we are in a similar boat. I am not concerned about her out growing it too much because after a lot of research, dairy really really isn't good for us. We are not baby cows, it was not meant for human consumption. I think it's on par with junk food really, an ok occasional treat but should not really be a part of our regular diets. (hows that for an UO?!) I do hope she can eventually enjoy a slice of real cheese cake or whatever but she wont miss what she doesn't know.

    My 2 girls, both born on a Friday the 13th, are exactly 2 years, 2 months, 2 hours and 2 minutes apart! And Baby Boy joined us October 11, 2013! image
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  • Uh, I'm in my 30s and still haven't grown out of my lactose intolerance.  Some of us never outgrow it :)

     I can eat small bits of dairy, but truthfully, I don't really like it so it's easy to avoid.

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  • I think it's odd that people treat your decision as unusual-- plenty of people don't tolerate dairy well. It's not an allergy thing, it's just that dairy is difficult to digest. Everyone has a different limit, but it's hard on anyone's digestive system. I know many adults who limit their dairy intake due to GI upset, myself included.


  • Have you tried the powered probiotics?  What about crushed digestive enzymes sprinkled on foods?
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  • imageMaygenDL0ve:
    Have you tried the powered probiotics?  What about crushed digestive enzymes sprinkled on foods?

    That is a good idea. I tried this when she was younger, but she wasn't really eating enough to get a lot in her, and the drops were so expensive. I think I will try some probiotics again though. Thanks! 

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