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I am 30 weeks pregnant and my mother wants to have my shower when I am about 38 weeks. I am scared because I don't think I will be prepared for my daughter, I don't have anything for her except a few outfits and a crib. No crib sheets, no car seat, nothing. This is my first baby. I also have gestational diabetes and could be induced early depending on how big she gets. I am getting so scared. I sent my mom a message about my concerns and am worried about how she will react. I don't want to sound like I am bugging her but I am just starting to get very anxious and nervous. Any tips or ideas?

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  • Her reaction was this "Don't stress, its not good for the baby" and "You can't control everything" exactly what I expected her to say. I tried to tell her that I am not trying to control everything, just trying to reduce my stress level by leaving enough time before she is born to get prepared. I just dont know what else to say or do!
  • I would just keep saying that you are worried that you will not be ready for the baby if the shower is that late. It is not about emotions, it is the reality.  I would thank her for her effort in the shower and just explain that there is no way to NOT stress given the proximity of the shower to the due date! Hopefully she is willing to listen! Good luck!!
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