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I see all these cute bump pictures and I just look FAT! Crying LOL! Even my mom said if she didn't know I was pregnant she wouldn't notice. I am just joking, I love all the bump pictures.

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  • I was plus sized before I got pregnant, and have lost more than I have gained..so I don't even look pregnant in my opinion!  I see these bump pictures, and I'm pretty jealous... What "bump" I have is not in my "belly" like many pregnant women have...mine is very low and just looks like a food baby!!
  • I'm with you! I definitely have a bump but it looks more like a gut than a cute baby belly. Is that normal?
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  • LOL!  I am exactly the same way!! By the end of the day I look huge!! Not sure why, in the morning it's not too horrible it looks normal almost like some of the pictures! But by 6 or so in the eve, I look huge! I don't remember this with my first one!


  • haha, same here!!! i just say its my food baby. you know how on thanksgiving when everyone says they need their stretchy pants because they ate too much, thats just where i say i am haha! 
  • I don't notice a bump until I sit and then it's like HELLO! There you are! Other than that my backside is growing....I really didn't show with my 1st until the last 2 months then I blew up!
  • oh lord!

    i'm 16 weeks and I feel so fat :( This is my second pregnancy and i never really got the chance to lose all the weight from my first child. He's only 9mths and here I am pregnant again. Geez! I feel good in the morning and by the afternoon I am huuuuge! And i feel like my face is looking chubby :( Ive gone to the ob gyn 3 times already and I haven't gained weight but i feel so fat :(

  • I'm 15 weeks pregnant.  I laugh when I tell everyone my nurse says that I have not gained any weight because they look straight at my stomach! Then they become speechless.  I'm not stressing over the bump I have after all I am pregnant.





  • LOL I have been feeling the same! I tell my husband ugh!!! what is going on. This is my 2nd pregnancy and my 1st I didnt show until at least 5 mths but NOW I dont have to tell people anything they are like ummm are you pregnant??? Why didnt you say anything? Im like well... I dont see you often and I didnt broadcast it over CNN LMAO!!! So its that noticeable, I always shocked at how big I am but VERY THANKFUL.
    God's Grace
  • I feel your pain. I lost nearly 110 pounds a few years ago, but have always had a little belly. I was a size 10 when I got pregnant and I really do look fat and not pregnant. I can't wait for my belly to fill out so I can start feeling better about myself. The 16 week bump pictures are encouraging to me, because my belly should be bigger...it just doesn't have the cute baby shape.
  • Even my DH says that I don't look pregnant, I just look like I've had too many doughnuts! It actually made me cry. This is my 2nd pregnancy and let me tell you, it was WAY cuter the first time around! Now I literally have a muffin top. I've always been very small, so it's a bit of a blow to my self-esteem. I really don't want to whip out the maternity clothes yet, but they actually look more flattering than my regular clothes... I'm thinking I have a couple more weeks and then I should look pregnant. At least I have amazing boobs to make up for the shapeless belly!
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  • I understand the feeling. This is my 5th and I started showing right away I am 16  weeks lookin like I am 6 mths. My family thought I was having twins. But when I look in the mirror I just see FAT. Ive gained 12 lbs and it is all in my butt. Now that really sucks.
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  • Don't be so rough on yourself, just remind yourself that your little one is in there growing right along and getting nice and strong so don't worry about it, you are growing a life and that requires a bit of fluffiness so here is your phrase for the rest of your pregnancy. "I'm not fat, I'm fluffy, pregnant and I love it!"
  • Ha I feel the same way!!  I've gained 10 pounds, and my mid section just looks squishy and bloated...no real bump yet :(  I hear it's coming soon though...
    ~Hannah D.~
  • hahaha I feel the exact same way. Where's my cute bump? :(
  • I know the feeling.  I had a big belly before I got pregnant in the first place and don't feel as if I am showing much.  I don't look too much bigger than I was before but my husband said he can see me getting a bit more round and my tummy longer.  My aunt yesterday said "there's that belly" Maybe I am but it being my first I am not sure.  I was going to do a picture but since I dont feel as if I am showing I am going to wait. As some of the other posters I too am carrying lower I believe.
  • Same exact way with my first.. lol.
  • My bump looks more like a beer gut.....Beer
  • I'm also at the 16 week mark. I'm 5'9" and was around 135 lbs before becoming pregnant. In the last week my belly has sort of "popped". My abs can no longer suck it in. This was the first time at church that people noticed my baby bump- one lady said that it was the first thing she noticed when I walked in (thanks?). But then this morning when I went to get a picture, it was smaller... All I know is: if this website is correct and I'm smuggling an avocado in there that weighs as much as a cup of yogurt, there's got to be some displacement and I can't expect myself to look the same as I always have. I can't appreciate having grown 1.5 cups in the boobs without the collateral expansion!
  • I am the same way I lost about 70pds and was a size 10 when i got prego and now i am so worried about getting heavy again i have a belly but it doesnt look like a cute prego bump i call it my prego spread:)lol
  • I feel the exact same way, just fat and not pregnant. I was thin with a pretty flat and firm stomach before I got pregnant, so I'm not used to all this squishiness. I have love handles now too, shouldn't the weight go to the front???

    The maternity clothes are way more flattering, it seems to smooth everything out. Or wearing a really fitted cami or a BeBand underneath my shirt helps it look more like a baby bump instead of blubber.

    I'm kind of glad, if it weren't for this I wouldn't look preggo at all. My doctor said I'm not showing because I was skinny to start, and if your abs are tight it takes more work for the belly to break through. I thought those things would help me show earlier and have a cuter bump!

  • Wink I hear ya clucking!! I feel like I look like I just ate too many doghnuts lol!! People that know me will look like they want to say something, but don't want to offend me.
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