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how was everyone's weekend/holiday?

how did everyone's end of the year/beginning of the new year celebrations go?
we made it to our dinner and a movie friday night, DH wasn't at the casino as i thought friday afternoon and he got to relive my mom early enough for her, she watched M and he was an angel for her- got in and out of the bath with out any struggle so now i know this child likes to torture his parents every night. Kyoto was delish and the movie New Years Eve was really cute.
saturday was rest day in between making food for the party we were going to- cupcakes and chicken wing dip- yum! it ended up being another night of eating too damn much. M was great at the party and i thought it was great when a 5 yo girl came up to me and told me that M was 'stinky' (poop). i think her brother (just 2) will be potty trained in no time with a sister like that- lol
today we tackled taking down the tree and then -surprise- ate too damn much at my parents for dinner- deep fried turkey and i made stuffing from a co-workers grandmothers recipe that called for rice, sausage and cranberries (it was amazing)
tomorrow we're taking M ice skating!!! although i have my doubts he'll even skate since he won't put his hockey helmet on and we're not letting him on the ice without wearing it (though somehow i survived my 1st skating outing at the age of two- wit out a helmet and in the freezing cold- like sin- hasn't skated in a decade or so this should be really fun. my brother is going (and bringing his hockey helmet) as is my dad, DH, me and some other friends.
buff state has open skate from 12-2 tomorrow for $2/pp and they have rentals if anyone is looking for something to do
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Re: how was everyone's weekend/holiday?

  • Yesterday we all ran some errands in the morning. We made some yummy cheddar bacon burgers and sliced potatoes for dinner. DD fell asleep around 830 and DH and I just did some housework and then relaxed and watched TV until the ball dropped at midnight-I'm lucky I stayed up that late!

    Today we did nothing-I was in PJs until 2pm! We took down the tree and all of the Xmas stuff. I finally packed my hospital bag as well. Just getting ready to go to bed-last day of my 11 days off tomorrow :( and DH is back to work tomorrow-I'm sure DD will be so upset that he won't be home now!

  • Oh, hockey will be fun for you guys! 

    I am officially getting uncomfortable when I do too much stuff.  I got a lot of cleaning and baby preparing done yesterday, but then last night I woke up a bunch of times with some uncomfortable contractions.  They weren't frequent though and didn't continue in the morning.  DH was next door last night for a nye party and either drank too much or is getting sick or just his lack of sleep all weekend from working so early (4 am fri and 5 am sat) is just getting to him because he basically slept all morning until football, then retreated to the basement to watch football all day, and then slept again.  I went and woke him up after making, eating, and cleaning up from dinner and told him that unless he is actually sick, I needed a break.  When he came upstairs all grouchy bc I was rude to him, I went upstairs and laid down and rested until I heard him put her to bed.  Haha, we are already off to a good start in 2012, oh well.

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  • Our weekend was good. I worked friday morning.  Friday night we didn't do anything

    Saturday I went to muscoreil's to get a cake for our anniversary.  Then we all went to the mall so the kids could play at the play area.  We had a late lunch at Fridays.  Then came home and put on our party hats and had cake.  I tried to make it up til midnight but that didn't happen.  

    Sunday I worked.

  • Weekend was good. We took down our Christmas decorations on Friday and cleaned up a little. Had friends over that night so the kids could exchange presents.

    Saturday was a quick trip to the grocery store for some things we needed. Ian refused to nap that afternoon, turned into beast at church, and was asleep at 6:30PM, so nice quiet NYE for us. I made chicken wing dip, DH made margueritas, we watched a couple movies and stuff until the ball dropped. On an additional up note, Ian slept 13 hours that night - most ever!

    Sunday was our usual dinner at my parents. Just relaxed. No nap again, so he was pretty grumpy by the end of the night. Fell asleep on the way home, but woke up as we were putting him in his bed, so took a few extra minutes to get him settled and back to sleep.

    Just relaxing at home today. Going to try to make rye bread, then while the dough is raising, I'm going to suck it up and head out into the wind for a run. Hope everyone enjoyed their weekends!

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