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b/c you know I'm a fb stalker.. your mom looks NOTHING like I thought she would!!
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  • LOL!  What did you picture her like?

    She's a skinny littleshit. So is my dad.  My grandmothers were both built like brick shithouses though so I guess that's where I come from!  Well, that and a really poor diet and no exercise!  LOL

    PS - I don't look like either of my parents.  I'm a blend of both of them but don't mirror either of them enough to say I look like either one.

  • well she looks v. young for one - aren't you and I around the same age?  my mom looks a lot older.  

    I guess that's the main thing.  my mom looks like an older grandmother.  your mom looks like a young divorcee!  (she's not divorced right>  idk.  she just looks v. glamorous!)

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  • Oh, she would LOOOVVVEEE you!

    We (me and my sisters) get SOOO sick of hearing about how young she looks...that's how often we hear it!  LOL  Anyway, she takes care of herself.  Dresses young/slutty. (LOL)  Wears make up all the time, etc.  She is going to be 60 in October.  She is 110% looks oriented. 

    And yes, my parents got divorced when I was a freshman in high school.  Got back together 9 months later and then split for good when I was 20ish.  My mom did the dating thing and then got remarried when I was around 22 (I think).  Then got divorced from him a couple of years ago (I lose track of time but I think it was about 4 years ago - Cam was already born and probably a year old at the time that she lived with us while going through that divorce).  She is now dating a 70 year old man, super sweet, pretty conservative (compared to my mom). 

    She's a hussy!  ;)

  • A little story that she LOVES sharing ....

    when my older sister was in high school, my mom went to the office to take her out of school one day.  The secretary made her show her ID and then said "I thought you were a friend of M's (from another town) that was trying to get her to ditch school today!"  My mom LOVES that story!  LOL

  • omg that is hysterical.  Well, it is as an outsider.  I'm thinking growing up with it can't have been easy!!
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  • She's just very narcissistic so it's not that having a young looking mom is a bad thing, in and of itself.  But man, she sure does drive the point home - often! 

    I've had to remind her, on numerous occasions, that she is NOT the only 60 year old that looks that young/good.  Which sucks, to have to feel like she even needs that reminder.  But alas, she does!  :)

  • I would say it's a little weird that she's that obsessed with it, right?  to me that's like a phase people go through in their 20's lol.
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  • Yea, well, she also refuses to grow up too so it pretty fitting that it's typical of someone in their 20's.  That's about her mentality level.

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