for those who ditched cable...speak to me slowly :) — The Bump
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for those who ditched cable...speak to me slowly :)

I am toying around with the idea of dropping cable and purchasing the ro.ku box.  My husband is set against it, but I think with the proper knowledge, I may be able to sway his mind.  We do not watch much TV during the day, and are usually too exhausted at the end of a work day to even turn on the TV.  Where are you streaming tv from?  Ama.zon?  Netfl.ix?  I know it would be a savings in the long run, but what are the costs associated with switching over?  We currently have a cable with DVR & internet bundle at $130 a month.  I'm afraid that even if we just paid for internet every month, it wouldn't be a savings after all since it wouldn't be the bundled discount.

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Re: for those who ditched cable...speak to me slowly :)

  • We dropped cable TV about a year and a half ago. We have cable internet and stream Netflix through DH's Playstation. We also have an HD antenna for the times we want to watch broadcast TV (big sports events or whatever). We weren't big TV watchers in the first place, so we don't even miss cable TV. And it saves us about $80-$90 a month.
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  • We haven't dropped it yet but we have discussed it at length and we probably will drop it.  We stream Netflix through a blu ray in our bedroom and we have a Mac mini hooked up to our living room tv.  I'm not familiar with the box that you listed but you might want to look into a blu ray that streams.  I just got my parents one for Christmas from wal.mart for about $110.  

    Im not sure if you can do it on the box that you listed or the blu ray I got for my parents but I'd want to be able access a website to watch sometime on the tv.  All the major stations have new episodes on tv shows on their website the day after they air.  I watch a lot of stuff on abc dot com.  I might look into if I were to cut out cable completely.

    We have a  bundle w/ cable, phone, and Internet.  We'd probably get rid of our home phone also.  I think we pay about $120 for all 3.  I expect to pay about $50 for just Internet.  I used to be a tv junkie but I just don't really watch anything anymore.

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  • I think DH would start twitching if I suggested this.
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