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Anyone have a BJ Citi Elite?

I'm looking at this as my one and only stroller for DS.  The SNG is getting to be a PITA.

For DDs I have a Bob Revolution Duallie, and a Combi Twin Sport.  I like having these two for different uses.  However, I really don't want to buy two strollers for DS.  So I really want to make the right choice in an *everything* stroller.


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Re: Anyone have a BJ Citi Elite?

  • I have the BJ City Elite and the City Mini. I love both of them and use the Elite for all outdoor use and the Mini for indoors and quick trips. I would recommend either one. The Elite may be a bit much for indoor shopping trips and such. I think the Mini works great outdoors as well unless you do lots of trail walking, the Elite would be better. The Mini isn't terrible on trails though.

    I love how easily they fold up and the Mini is super light. I guess it just depends on how you plan on using it the most. But if I were choosing a good everyday stroller, I would go with the Mini. 

  • Ecy, glad to hear you like both of these.  With the Mini, the wheels just look so small, like an umbrella stroller, like my Combi.  I was thinking the Elite was less rugged (and cumbersome) than a Bob.  It doesn't have that long "nose" like the Bob. 

    Lol, to me most single strollers are going to seem super small.  When I watched the youtube video of the Elite I was excited at how small it was, and how easily it folded up.   

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  • Yes, it's definitely a good choice and I prefer it over the Bob. The wheels are good, smaller than a Bob but bigger than umbrella strollers. Overall, it's an excellent stroller and you won't be disappointed. But again, if you are using mainly indoors, you would probably be happier with a Mini. At first, I thought the Mini was just a glorified umbrella stroller but after using for awhile, it's so much better.

    I love how either one of them have almost a full recline for when the baby falls asleep. Storage is good. They glide so well. And the Elite has an adjustable handlebar, which I really like because I'm short.

  • I love my elite!!!! Best for outdoor use especially. 

  • Thanks.  I think I need to just order one from and see if I like it in person.

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  • We just ordered our Elite and will get it next week. We almost got the Mini, but after going on all the walks around our neighborhood with the SnG, we need something with a smoother ride. 
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  • I love my elite. It handles amazingly. During Xmas shopping it was a little hard to get tru the racks in the stores because the back wheels are wide but the handling is Awsome and it is a great out door stroller too. We haven't used it without the carseat adapter yet but I love it so far.
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