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Sparkling pomegranate soda...

Will be what I am toasting 2012 with.  Found it in the supermarket today, yum! On the cusp of a recent convo about the unappealing taste of nonalcoholic wine, what will everyone be filling their glasses with tomorrow ( um, that is if we have the energy to stay up til midnight)?
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Re: Sparkling pomegranate soda...

  • I bought some of that last week for my new years. I only bought 3 in case I didn't like it, but since there's only one left, I think I have to go back tomorrow.
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  • I bought sparkling white grape, and my sister is making a pomegranate cocktail that I am making into a virgin drink. So that should be good. We are cooking all afternoon so I hope I can stay up till midnight.
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  • I love the Diet Cranberry Ginger Ale that they have at the holidays...I have a 2-liter for NYE! :-)
  • I will most likely be toasting my pillow unless DH can come home to me while hes on duty, calls of service permitting. Hopefully we will both be toasting sparkling cider.
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  • Wegmans has something called a Frizzante - it's like an Italian soda. Fizzy and fruity, it's pretty darn good. I'm particular to the cranberry-lime flavor.
  • a glass of champagne.

    I'm of the "little bit every now and then" mentality.

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  • I bought a sparkling cranberry juice that is in a champagne bottle...I bought it once before for some celebration...maybe my birthday...and it's delicious!! 

    Although, now we are going out to a fancy dinner at 10, so I probably won't be home to enjoy it.  Oh well, hopefully the restaurant has something good.

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  • I'm planning to do a little champagne.  I think she'll be fine! :)
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