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Do you ever worry about squishing your LO?

Is this an absolutely ridiculous concern? Every once in a while I will lie in a certain position or bend a certain way and can feel my LO react. Sometimes I worry that I am crushing him. I never lie on my stomach (only on my side), but I swear he's letting me know he doesn't like it. Am I crazy? Is he limber in there?

Re: Do you ever worry about squishing your LO?

  • Today that happened for the first time i was sitting at a table at work writing some times and leaning forward and felt like i was squishing him so i moved how i was sitting
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  • While it probably is silly, I have the same concern all the time. Especially lately, when I bend to pick something up or tie my shoes and it's so uncomfortable it almost hurts. I can't help but think that I probably just did something to the baby.

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  • Yes.  I figure he's pretty safe in there all surround by the amniotic fluid, but I still worry about squishing him.  What really freaked me out was when my kitty jumped down from my headboard straight onto my stomach!  I had to try and keep myself from freaking out.  I keep joking I am going to start wearing an inner tube around my waist for an extra buffer for baby.  Wink
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  • I worry about this some... But my little girl is super, um, "outspoken". If I'm in a position she doesn't like (putting on shoes, for example) she will seriously kick the heck out of my ribs until I move. 

    I hope this isn't a forewarning of what's to come... :S

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  • So funny. I put on a maternity support belt the other day to go for a walk and she flipped out. I promptly took it off. She is definitely the boss!
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  • LOL sometimes when I'm laying on my side with my top leg bent, I can really feel her moving.  It seems kinda tight, but she seems fine.  On the other hand...she was moving around like crazy last night and it made me laugh - and after I laughed, I guess because of the compression - she stopped completely!
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