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BF/Bottle Feeding When to wean...

My LO is 8.5 months and we still nurse at least twice a day (which i would like to continue another month and a half and then work on "drying up") and the rest she gets BM in a bottle.  I was pondering the idea of weaning from the bottle the other day.

1. When do you plan to eliminate the bottle?

2. Method you plan to take to do this?

3. Is it just way to early to think about this? Maybe I am crazy...i'm not in any rush..

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Re: BF/Bottle Feeding When to wean...

  • I will introduce the sippy again at 8 months and once I know she has the hang of it I will stop the bottle cold turkey.   I am anticipating that this will be once she is on whole milk though (at one year).  She doesn't need a bottle fall asleep, so once she is on all solids and milk I don't see it being a huge deal with her.  It was easy for DS, so I am hoping it goes the same way with DD.
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  • Definitely not to early if you are like me and want them off the bottle by 1. DS#2 is now taking his 11am bottle in a sippy and finished the whole thing today. I will try the 4pm bottle next week. Then the morning. The bedtime one will be the last to go. I use Nuby Sippy's and they have seemed to work on both my boys no issues.
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  • I'm starting to wean at 10m. We're going on a cruise at 13m and I decided that I don't want to be nursing or have to bring bottles/pumps/etc., and stating at 10m will give me over 11 weeks to wean completely. She should still be exclusively on BM until 12m because I have 200-300 ounces in the freezer, but I haven't done all the math to see if it'll last me the two months.

    She nurses 4x/day. At 10m, I'm cutting the 1pm nursing and giving her 5-6oz of BM in a cup (her cup is a straw cup, she doesn't like the sippy). After two weeks, I'll cut the 5pm feeding, again replacing with a cup of BM. Another two weeks, (she'll be just shy of 11m) and I'll start cutting the morning feeding. This one will be the hardest, because she screams to nurse when she catches sight of me in the morning and that's also when I'm most engorged. I've played with the idea of letting her nurse a minute on each side to start, then giving her a cup, but I don't know yet...that might just be delaying the inevitable. I'm giving this one 4-5 weeks to adjust, and if I will start mixing WCM with the BM at 11.5m if I have to (if my stash is running short). I'll still have another 4 weeks until we leave for the cruise to work on weaning the before-bed nursing session.

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  • My LO had a dairy intollerance, so I'm not sure at this point.  I want to continue BFing until she is a year old.  At that point, we'll have to see if she can have dairy or not.  If so, we'll probably try to cut the nursing sessions one at a time (which will be a little difficult since I feed on demand).  If not, I'll want to continue with BFing as I really don't want to do soy or rice milk.  We have already introduced a sippy and she does pretty well with it.  We'll probably switch from bottle to sippy around a year (she only gets 2-3 during the day with her daddy). 
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