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Motorola video monitor users

I set ours up today and it's pretty awesome. We've been having fun playing with the intercom feature, which led to a question I'm hoping someone can answer: is there a way to adjust the volume of the camera? When we talk into it, it's pretty loud in DD's room, and if we ever want to use it once DS comes along, it might wake the other kid up!


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Re: Motorola video monitor users

  • I have no idea but i must say that we just got our motorola videomonitor and it is INCREDIBLE. So different than just having a sound monitor!!!! And the picture quality is pretty fabulous.
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  • I don't think there is. (Side note, I think the lowest volume on the monitor end is also quite loud)  We usually try to speak softly and hold it back from our mouths a little.... but we've never used that feature other than one of us trying to talk to the other parent in the baby's room , lol!

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  • We scared the crap out of DS the other night telling him to get back in bed ;) On the plus side, he got back into his bed and didn't move one inch!
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