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Need healthy yummy lunch ideas..

my 3 year old is really not into eating anything lately!! He's having constipation issues so we've got to get him to eat something. He just refuses everything. He will eat fruit and thats great, but the kid cant live on fruit and yogurt alone.

what do you feed your picky kids?!!


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Re: Need healthy yummy lunch ideas..

  • String cheese, peanut butter and jelly, bagel and cream cheese, jelly and cream cheese sandwich , cottage cheese, oatmeal , lunch meat (seems to prefer this not on a sandwich ) raisins, black beans.  Those are few items. But she will go days where she just wants to eat _______ for each meal. We have had grilled cheese for breakfast and oatmeal for dinner.  Oh and she won't eat veggies- I try and nothing. 

    Good luck. I am curious to see other responses. 

  • Peanut butter on crackers, tortilla wraps with cream cheese and lunch meat.  I then cut them into rolled slices,grilled cheese, make our own pizza- DS will eat veggies if he put them on as eyes on his pizza face (english muffin or pita with spaghetti sauce, shredded cheese and peppers, pepperoni, olives, ham, etc toppings) my kids also really like carrots dipped in hummus.  Soup.  I too struggle with lunch ideas.
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  • My boys dont eat much of a variety either. Peanut butter and apple slices is a good way we get some protein in. Buy they do eat mostly fruit and dairy, no veggies and very little meat. It gets frustrating.
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  • Cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches, cream cheese and banana sandwiches, peanut/almond/sunflower butter and jam sandwiches, ham and cheese with mayo/pickle/lettuce sandwiches. I like to cut the sandwiches into shapes with cookie cutters. Sometimes I make the sandwiches on mini bagels or make sandwich skewers.

    Pancake sandwiches are also fun. I love this beet pancake recipe and so does my DD, especially because it's bright pink. Whipped cream cheese and jam spread between two and smushed together is delicious. Same with pumpkin pancakes.

    She loves black beans and cilantro lime rice. Sometimes I mince some carrots and throw those in as well.

    Snacks - string cheese, Greek yogurt, fresh fruit, veggies with dip (she loves cucumber slices, broccoli, green beans and carrots with tzatziki), celery with peanut/almond/sunflower seed butter and dried cranberries/raisins/blueberries/apricots, trail mix (pecans or almonds with dried cranberries/raisins/blueberries is her favorite mix), applesauce, mini muffins (she loves these squash muffins - I use winter instead of butternut and buy the Cascadian Farms frozen puree), granola bars, a mix of feta cheese/olives/roasted red pepper with a little pita and some tzatziki.

    She eats what we eat at dinner or she goes to bed without it. I always try to make sure there is one thing she will eat.

  • Cottage cheese, dried fruit chips, yogurt, string cheese, babybel cheese, applesauce or fruit pouches, crackers and hummus, pita pockets with hummus.  My DD even likes sprouts in a pita pocket (with a lot of mayo), rice, rice pilaf, cous cous, israeli cous cous

    Fruit - cut up or with dip (even dip in yogurt).  We try to do a lot of stuff like kiwis.

    Dippable veggies - baby carrots, sugar snap peas, green pepper sticks w/ ranch



  • ravioli w/ pesto

    cut up ham or turkey

    cheese slices

    grapes or oranges sometiems canned peaches,


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  • My daughter is so picky too. She likes yogurt but my mom scarred her. I always gave her yoplait and my mom had her over night and accidentally gave her one w/ nutrasweet. Well, now DD thinks all yogurt in containers tastes like that and for like 6 mo. has refused it. So I started buying gogurts and the aldi version in moo tubs. So she'll eat that but get this...not from the tube, I have to squeeze it into a bowl! But she's good for 3 tubes a day!  She'll also eat apples and bananas sometimes, graham crackers, cheese and crackers, hummus on crackers and edamame. Meat is nearly impossible. Tonight she has a cheese quesadilla for dinner.

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