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routine and holiday travel

Right now DS is on a nice routine. He naps and goes to bed at night pretty much at the same time everyday.  Whenever I go somewhere or do something, he gets distracted and doesn't take his nap.  He rather stay awake than sleep, but lack of sleep makes him cranky in the evening (he pretty much cries all evening if he doesn't get a nap). We are going to be away for 4 days for the holidays.  DS probably won't take naps at his regular time and probably won't get the rest he needs (he is also in growth spurt and sleeping a lot).  What do you do for holidays or when you are just visiting others?  Do you try to stick to routine or does the routine goes out of the window?
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Re: routine and holiday travel

  • At two months the routine would probably have gone right out the window.  I think we would have tried but we were still following her cues for everything then and if she wasn't telling us that she was tired we probably wouldn't have stuck to the routine.

    Now-a-days we try to stick to the routine and it works pretty well.  It can take a little longer to go down for naps and at night, but she will sleep.

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  • At two months we had no routine. We were still in survival mode. So I took B everywhere and prayed she would sleep.

    Now, I will not upset her routine for love nor money.  Hence why we are spending Christmas just the 3 of us and it will be quite some time before we ever take a trip with her again. The last epic disaster of a trip at 5 months was enough to scare me off traveling with her.

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  • At 2 months, he would sleep in people's arms, but yes, he'd go HOURS without sleeping if someone new was around.  I refuse to not see my family to keep his schedule for a few days, so we just went with it.  We go monthly to Indiana (1,000miles away) and just suck it up.  He recovers within the week once we're home.  He wont' sleep in a PnP either, so we have to bedshare until we get home.  Sad
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  • I just still cannot fathom that you have a routine. DD sleeps whenever she wants and has no bedtime whatsoever. If she wants to sleep she will no matter where we are, if not nothing will get her to sleep.
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