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Liam Update!

Last Monday Liam was reintubated, Tuesday he started a medication to close his PDA. They believe the problems he was having with his breathing was because of the PDA. He finished the 5th day of meds on Saturday, waiting on an ultrasould to see if it helped close it. We have been told that it does not sound as loud, and he had a good weekend. Waiting for the decision if surgery will be needed to close the PDA. His doc does not want to give another round of medication if it did not work. We were givin a 50 50 shot that it would because of how old he was when he first got the meds. Its a waiting game now!
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Re: Liam Update!

  • I hope that the medication worked to close the PDA.  My son had surgery to close his and it was the turning point in his NICU stay. 

    If it gets to surgery (hopefully it won't) there are a number of us on this board with PDA ligation experience (all turned out well). 

  • I hope the meds did  the trick and Liam can avoid surgery.  Good luck and keep us posted!
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  • I hope the meds work and you can avoid the surgery - we had PDA problems like most NICU babes - we actually did two rounds of indocine (second round was hotly debated) and that worked to almost close it - it didnt close all the way until after we went home
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  • I hope the meds work and you can avoid surgery. 
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  • Good luck with the indocin! T&P that surgery can be avoided!
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  • Our daughter had one round of Indocin last week to close her PDA. Thank God it worked on the first try! She had a moderate sized PDA; they told us they'd do two rounds of Indocin but after that we'd discuss surgical options.

    Good luck to Liam! Best wishes for no PDA!

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