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My turn for my 6 week appt

I had my 6 week PP appt today.

Everything looked fine, and of course AF started during my exam.

She reviewed the placenta pathology with me. There was a clot (from the abruption) behind the placenta that was bigger than the placenta itself. But other than that, everything looked normal. The report said that the placenta was small for gestational age (36w4d/under 10th percentile) but my midwife said she didn't notice that at all. And, she commented that Carter's weight (5 pounds 12 ounces) was just fine for his age, so the placenta was doing its job either way.

We spent a lot of time talking. She is amazing. And we reviewed the file from DD's birth, and she agrees with me that there is a good chance I had an abruption with her too which is scary to me when I think about TTC again.

I don't have any answers as to why yet (hopefully MTHFR is the only issue) but at least I feel I have closure on how. It kills me that he was still alive when I had my first few contractions - not sure if I will ever get over the what-ifs. What if I had gone in then, and not tried to labor at home? Would they have caught the abruption?

Re: My turn for my 6 week appt

  • I'm glad you got your AF, I know you were worried about that.  I'm also glad you got some closure, but I'm sorry that it hasn't eased your worries.  ((Hugs))
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  • I'm glad that your appt went okay and glad that AF is back too. I was told by my dr. that even if I had walked into the office the day the abruption started that they wouldn't have had any way of knowing...Who knows how long it was going on before I noticed that he wasn't moving as much you know???  :( Hopefully being high risk next time and extra care will make a difference...
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  • I am glad that you were able to get some kinda answers.  I know thats got to help out alot. 
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  • imagestlucia_wife:

    I am glad AF showed and you where able to get some answers.  I know you hope that you have MTHFR to help answer you, but I hope you are not a carrier! 


    Don't beat yourself up with your birth choice.  I know it is easier said then done, but try not to.  You did what you felt was right at the time and that is all that matters.

    I know that I am hetero MTHFR.  I knew my entire pregnancy.  But because I only have one side of the gene, and already had a healthy pregnancy, they didn't see any need to treat me for it.  I regret that choice now, but I can't fault my care providers for the choice not to treat me - they made the right choice given the information they had at the time.

    I have three more clotting disorders that need to be tested for (will be done in May) and those are much scarier than 'just' hetero MTHFR, so I am genuinely hoping that they all come back as 'normal' and the MTHFR can be blamed in the end. 

    I know there is no point in beating myself up over the choices I made that night. And I know (and I even asked her to confirm) that if I had called my midwife at my first contraction, she would have told me to stay at home for awhile and get some rest.  But I should have listened to my gut.  My mind and body knew something was wrong.  I got two hours of sleep that night and I woke up from a dream of a nurse telling me that Carter didn't have a heartbeat and would be stillborn.  I haven't ever admitted that dream before, and it feels kind of good to get it out. 

  • I am glad the appointment went okay and AF also showed up for you.

    Big (((hugs))) for your dream. There was no way to know but I know it's still so hard that it's there.

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  • glad it went well and you got some answers. The what ifs are hard.
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  • We had our appointment the same day as well. Also, Jess has the MTFHR and they said that is what called Brayden's death. But, they did not find any clots. I don't understand why exactly did he pass? We are confused as well and no one seems to really know about the MTFHR mutation.

    Also, like I said to Jess, don't beat yourself up with the would'ves or it will kill you. You loved your baby and would do anything to have him, there are a million different outcomes that could have happened.

    It is frustrating because they basically told us that a baby aspirin a day will prevent this from happening again, but I want to know a little more because we can't deal with something like this happening again.

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