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Fetal position?

I know its early so I'm not getting concerned yet, but I'm just curious... I am getting lots and lots of powerful kicks at or above my belly button and in the top right of my stomach (under my ribs). Also, when LO gets the hiccups, I feel it very low on the right side (like almost against my right hip bone). I don't feel much on the left side. Do you think LO is upside down and sitting more on my right side??

Re: Fetal position?

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    I really dont know, my doctor said that babies change positions all day long. Some even change positions moments up to delivery. I have days were I have stronger movements below and up high. Honestly you could just be feeling a elbow or knee to just not kicks or punches. Its hard to tell with out a sono.
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    I feel everything right where your describing and I just found out that LO is breech.  So what I thought was a leg or hip up by my right ribs is actually a head and shoulder.  But who knows, the only way to know for sure is to do an u/s.
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    Right now baby's in position!
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    same with me for a while... except left not right. baby changes positions alot, but she sat with her head in my bladder for a couple weeks. Now, she shifted to true head down and her hiccups hit my bum, very wierd!
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    I knew my baby was head down around 30 weeks, but as a pp said baby's change position all the time before they descend into the birth canal.  I heard the hiccups was a good indicator, so it's very possible that he is head down!  Cross your fingers he chooses to stay in that position...mine did :)
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