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Hey N. Have you guys told family yet? Or are you in complete surprise still, and waiting until you can do it in person?

Hope your feeling ok.


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  • Hey C! We've told all our family and close friends.  I was in such shock I had to call my mom ASAP.  Haha.

    I'm feeling fine, almost exactly like I did when I was pregnant with T.  Hard to believe I knew almost a week earlier than I did this time too.   I have a feeling by the end of the month I will have morning sickness again.  I scheduled my first appt for December 22nd.

    How are you feeling?  Third Trimester already?!

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  • How exciting!  I am glad your feeling ok, morning sickness is hard with a little one to chase around and keep happy.  T will be a great age, and have so  much fun with a sibling.  I cant believe i am in the 3rd already, freaking me out how soon baby could be here.
  • I'm happy we waited at least this long, he'll be almost 4 when the baby comes, and we've already been talking about it.  He's really excited, and he thinks it's a girl. I am really hoping to miss out of the morning sickness, last time it was brutal but at least I didn't throw up a lot.  Just felt sick for about 6 weeks.

    When is your due date again?  It seems like your pregnancy has flown by! Doesn't it? 

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  • Whoa, I missed the announcement!  Congratulations, N!!! :-)
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  • image MrsH_08:
    Whoa, I missed the announcement!  Congratulations, N!!! :-)


    Me too!  congratulations!! 

  • Yay!  Congratulations!!
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  • Thanks ladies (Sorry I was OOT from Wed to today without real internet access).  I didn't really make an announcement, and haven't yet on Facebook. 
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