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NBR--Last Night's Glee Episode

Hey, all!

I'm a big Glee fan, admittedly, but I haven't LOVED the episodes lately.  But last night's was AWESOME if you ask me... I love that they covered current events (Finn's talk of the recent suicide of a closeted gay student) and important teen issues (college applications, resumes)... But the MUSIC!  Awesome...

My favorite song from the episode was BY FAR Coach Beiste's rendition of Jolene (and I'm NOT a country fan at all!) but I thought Finn's version of "Girl's Just Wanna Have Fun" and the version of "I Kissed a Girl" was excellent. 

Anyone else watch?  Your thoughts? 

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Re: NBR--Last Night's Glee Episode

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    I'm sad, I just haven't had the chance to keep up with in since DS was born, I tried watching the first few episodes online but now I have gotten too far behind!! Sounds good though!
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    I loved it too!!!
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    I too have been really disappointed since the beginning of last season.  However, the last two episodes have been awesome.  I'm so happy they are getting back to a plot and losing all the broadway ballads.  Also glad it's not "The Rachel Show" anymore.


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    Couldn't agree more! Until last night the episodes have been seriously lacking lately. I was finding myself tuning out whenever a song came on but last night I was glued to the screen again.
    I was beginning to lose hope, thank goodness for last night! Fingers crossed they keep them up :)

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    I think the Puck/Shelby story line needs to go. It is inappropriate on so many levels.
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    I saw it and loved it!  DH and I are both glad that its not the "Rachel Show" anymore!  DH can't stand Rachel!
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