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I'm excited to join this board!  I've been posting on the July 2012 board for a couple of weeks now, but now want to meet other moms and moms-to-be who are more local.

A little info about me: My husband and I have been married for a year and a half.  We got our BFP in October.  This is our first pregnancy/baby.  We're super excited about it!  We had our first u/s yesterday and got to meet our LO and see its strong little HB.  We live in Auburn.

Nice to meet all of you!

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  • Hello there! Just saw your check in on July 2012 board. I'm in the Olympia area. Just got my BFP the day after Thanksgiving and have my first appt and u/s next Tuesday, I'm so excited! We've been married 7 years and were just getting used to the idea that we might finally be ready for kids. :)

    Nice to meet you!


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  • Welcome and congrats!


    Congrats to you, too, AmyinOly!

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  • Welcome! This is a great board. It's a little slow at times but stick around. There are some fantastic women here. 
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  • Hello & Congratulations! Hope you are keeping well and enjoying being pregnant - such an exciting time!
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  • Hello!  welcome and congrats!
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    Welcome! This is a great board. It's a little slow at times but stick around. There are some fantastic women here. 

    Yep, this.  Welcome and congrats!!

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    Congrats to you and Amy! I'm about the same as you both. 7 weeks. Just had my first u/s on Monday. I've been sick as a dog for about a week now. Yesterday and today has been the worst but I just discovered ginger tea and that is helping a bit. How are you feeling?


    Don't hate me, but I'm actually feeling ok!  Tired.  But no real m/s.  No cravings, or real food aversions.  Well...  food in general looks, sounds, and smells gross.  But not so gross that I'm throwing up.  Just gross enough that I don't want to eat, and have to force myself to eat.  This really stressed me out at first, but now I'm just considering myself lucky!

  • Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!  I'm excited to be here and get to know you guys a little better!  :)
  • Welcome and congrats!
  • Welcome and congrats!!  How exciting for you!  :)

     I delivered in Auburn.. but live in Enumclaw.. so hello, neighbor!

  • Hi!  Ive been kinda lurking on this board, but Ive been posting on the 0-3 month board.  I live in Lake Tapps, so hello neighbor!  I delivered in Auburn as well.  I was bummed that I wasnt going to Puyallup, but I was so happy that I was in Auburn.  They are so nice!  Good luck to you!
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  • Welcome! Congrats! Stick around for a bit -- it's really nice to have a community of people willing to answer all those questions new moms come up with. I know I've asked my share so far =).
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