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Daycares in West Seattle?

Has anyone had any luck with daycares in either W.Seattle or downtown?  I'm just starting the research process and am finding the waitlists are either ridiculous (2+ years!) or the cost is insane.  We're open to inhome daycares or centers.  Due in April, so we won't need care until late July or so. 

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Daycares in West Seattle?

  • I'm in the same boat, but due in May. We've checked out Bright Horizons and Bella Mente and decided that we'll most likely go with a nanny share due to cost. If you search the West Seattle blog there are usually tons of posts with ladies looking to start up nanny shares, or just google "West Seattle Nanny Share" and and you'll get a lot of hits. Can't hurt to check it out!
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  • I've been looking downtown as well and finding most are VERY expensive AND have crazy wait lists, though most I've talked to have been closer to 9 months rather than 2 years (?!?). I'm also due in April and am not sure what we're going to end up doing, though I live on Bainbridge Island so am looking there too. Good luck and let me know if you find anything great in the downtown area!
  • I live in West Seattle and looked everywhere too. We decided to go Eastside closer to work - but my friend's two kids go to Growing Years on E. Marginal Way and she loves it!
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