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I just wanted to answer your question at the end of the last post... has anyone else thought about having another baby so quickly and is that normal?  I can't speak for anyone else...but it was something I thought about right away, and I was terrified I wouldn't be able to because I'd be too scared.  When they put Peyton on my chest after he was born I knew I would be able to because my fear couldn't be greater than the love I felt for him, and I knew I would love his brother or sister just as much.  I did feel guilty for thinking of things like that..until I came on this board and realized that it seems to be pretty normal, and more importantly that whatever we feel is our normal and we shouldn't question it.  I love my son very much, and giving him a brother or sister will not be a sign that I've forgotten him or moved on.  I just hope with all my heart that we are able to have that rainbow baby and bring it home safely.
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    I feel the same way as the PP. At first, DH and I didn't know if we wanted to try again. But as soon as we saw Jack and they put him on my chest, we both knew we had to try again and we were meant to bring home a baby. I keep feeling that I have to justify to myself (and others) that no one would replace Jack and he will always be our first son and baby. But we want to do whatever it takes to have our rainbow baby.

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