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Birthing Center Rec.

Hi all-

I just moved to NC 6months ago. DH and I just found out we are expecting again!! I have looked up information for REX and Wake -Med (in Cary). Which facility do you suggest for delivery. Any good or bad personal experience?

I have been seen at Blue Ridge OBGYN for post-partum follow up care...since we have a 7months old too. (I think they are associated with REX).



Re: Birthing Center Rec.

  • I have been going to Blue Ridge since I moved here and have been happy with them.  Dr. Gaines delivered DD#2 and will hopefully deliver DS in March.  (DD#1 was delivered by Dr. Holeimster who is no longer there).  I like Dr. Anya and Dr. Huffman also.

    I delivered both girls at Rex and have no compliants.  I had great nurses, found the food to be decent, and found the care for my girls to be great.

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  • I've heard great things about Wake Med Cary too. Apparently the new L&D rooms are awesome. I live really close to Wake Med and I considered delivering there, but I'm opting for a birth center birth with midwives instead.
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  • I also go to Blue Ridge OBGYN and they only deliver at Rex. I had 2 c/s there and was pleased with both the hospital and the practice.



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  • I cant speak to Blue Ridge OBGYN as I go to Atrium OBGYN but I delievered DS at REX and was very happy there. The nurses were great and their food is really good too. I had a C/S and they were very supportive and helpful. I think if u are happy with the OBGYN u are using to stick with them but if u want to start new that will be a different set of questions. Also, REX and Wake Med Cary aren't necessarily too far from each other but a lot of it depends too on where u live. good luck deciding and we are here if u have more questions. But i haven't heard many negative things about either hospital.


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  • Thanks everyone. I live in Holly Springs so Blue Ridge is a little farther away then Wake Med. I do like the Drs I have seen at Blue Ridge. So I may just continue to go there. I am very excited about baby #2-- even though we have a 7month old running around.

    Thanks for the suggestions.

    Happy Holidays!!!

  • I used to use Blue Ridge Ob/Gyn (now I go to Wilkerson Ob/Gyn) and they do deliver at Rex.  I am a Rex Employee (not in the Birthing Center or even in Patient Care for that matter) but I cannot tell you how great the staff is there.  They do a phenomenal job.  They also have a state of the art Special Care Nursery - WakeMed has a fabulous NICU as well, but I don't think WakeMed Cary has one.  So worst case senario, if you delivered at WakeMed Cary your baby might have to be transferred to big WakeMed.


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