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XP: POSITIVE Cytotec stories?

Cytotec has become an option for me since Prostin didn't work (cervix is still closed and only one side has softened; no contractions) and my doctor doesn't want me passing my due date for a number of factors (medical ones, not just "big baby" fears).

I'm an informed patient and I'm not afraid of off-label uses for drugs that actually work. However, I'm having a hard time finding accurate info amid the hearsay horror stories and label indications. I've read a few of the bad stories on here as well.

But I know obstetrical educators, doctors, and the WHO wouldn't support the use of Cytotec if the success stories didn't outnumber the nightmares.

Can any of you share a POSITIVE Cytotec induction story?


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Re: XP: POSITIVE Cytotec stories?

  • Both my inductions were with cytotec only. My first induction they put cytotec in at night and only needed one at 41wks. My second delivery needed 2 at 39 weeks.  both times i delivered within thirteen hours.  also both times i was barely dilated at all  like you i needed for medical reasons and the inductions were great.  i got an epidural both times and for me helped me relax and dilate quicker  once in labor  
  • At 39 weeks, 4 days I spiked a high blood pressure at my appointment and the doctors were concerned that it was so close to my due date so they sent me in for an induction.

    My cervix was so unfavorable the on-call doctor literally said to me "if I were you, I wouldn't want an induction either.  Not with such an unfavorable cervix."  I was at -2 station, no effacement, no dilation.

    They put in the first round of cytotec at 10:30pm and I honestly felt nothing.  I actually slept until 2:30am the next morning when they checked the progress.  Still no effacement, but I had dilated 1 cm.  The second round of cytotec was started.  Still didn't feel anything and slept until the 6:30am check.

    At 6:30am I still had 0 effacement and hadn't dilated any further.  But they started pitocin at that time.  I had heard horrible things about pitocin induced contractions, but all I felt was a mild cramping.  Of course, in my case the pitocin wasn't doing anything, which could be why the contractions weren't painful.   It wasn't until they broke my water 12 hours later that I actually had any pain/felt any contractions/anything happened.  And after they broke my water things moved pretty quickly and my son was born 8 hours later.


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  • I had a cytotec induction at 41 weeks with DS1.  I was 0 cm dilated, 0% effaced,and baby was about as high up as possible.  Dr. did not have high hopes about induction, talked to me about possibility of induction.  I had the cytotec inserted at around 2-3am and was about 2-3 of cm dilated around 7am, and then I got the pitocin.  I had DS1 at 12:30pm that day, so it went pretty quickly, no complications.  GL!!!
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  • Thanks, ladies! These are very encouraging! My doctor is pretty conservative and she's completely supportive of my desire to avoid c-section, so I'm leaning toward agreeing with her if she suggests trying Cytotec.


    DS: 11/8/11 | 9 lb 7 oz, 22 in
    DD: 5/22/14 | 9 lb 9 oz, 21.5 in

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