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Here in CT with at least a few inches of snow and it's still snowing....DS is so excited!  He spent most of the day looking out the windows and front door.

How's the weather where you are? 

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Re: Snow...snow...snow

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    The snow skipped us in Milwaukee, thank goodness, as thatbwould make for a looong winter.  Hopefully it will melt by Halloween!
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  • Oh, you're not going to like this - it was warm and sunny and about 60 here today. And will be again tomorrow. Halloween is supposed to be slightly cooler, but not by much. And no proper snow, if our luck holds out. Middle of next month is fine by me! I am a summer person.

    Having said that, the girls will be excited for snow. They spend most of their free time outside in every season. So I'm pretty sure they'll be excited for sledding and snow forts.

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  • we had the snow already but supposed to be 60 tomorrow.  But snow next Wednesday.  

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  • Warm and sunny days here in New Mexico, but cold mornings, close to freezing. We can still use the good weather for long walks with I. He loves being outside and staring at trees, sky, ...
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  • I'm in Northern NJ and we got 16.4 inches of snow!!!! It's CRAZY!!

    We also lost power for about 13 hours -- from 8:30 pm last night until nearly 9:45 am this morning. It was FREEZING.  DH moved Aaron into our bed around 10 pm so he wouldn't be too cold but I woke at 4:30 to use the bathroom and woke him, and therefore we were ALL up for a few hours. We managed to nap a bit (6:30 am to 8:30) and are all wiped from the cold and lack of sleep. 

    We'd never lost power here before. So weird to have nearly 1.5 feet of snow in OCTOBER!


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  • Hot, but we're in CA.
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    Hot, but we're in CA.
    This but it's been cooling down at night like 50-60's. Sorry
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  • no snow - but this morning was the first morning of frost!  I've been SO cold already so I think this winter might just be intolerable!
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