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WDYT? My mom is trying to start a new business...

**Disclaimer - I am not soliciting her services just looking for opinions and ideas**

For years before Dad died he had a little handy man job where he would do odd jobs for a large group of people at a local retirement community. Mom would help him out and also help the families with small household chores or errands while she was there. She is now thinking of starting her own business offering these sort of services. She does not have any nursing expereince so it would be strictly errand helping (grocery store, taking them to dr. appts, etc) and light household chores. She wouldn't limit herself to elderly people but would offer this to parents, especially SAHMs. She has 20+ years of teaching and 10+ of home daycare experience so she could babysit so that moms or both parents could have a little free time - to go Christmas shopping alone!

Does this sound like something you or anyone you know whould be interested in??? If so, how much would you think would be a fair hourly rate? She is hoping to have enough "regulars" that she can maintain a pretty consistent schedule but have time for other one time appointments too. Any thoughts??

I'm thinking she would need some sort of additional liability insurance and a formal contract for those wanting on-going or regular services. Any and all thoughts are appreciated! The good the bad and the ugly!!


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Re: WDYT? My mom is trying to start a new business...

  • I think its a good idea. I've seen signs advertising this in the Raleigh area, they are often called concierge services. I can see people hiring someone to help their elderly parents out, or it would be an awesome gift to a new mom. 

    This one I see charges $25/hour - wow. I was thinking more around $10-12/hour, maybe offering cheaper rates for those on contract. (Plus higher rates for sitting if its several children) I suppose she would have to consider gas/mileage into her rates. 


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  • Another company local to Raleigh that offers concierge service is The Other Woman. Here's a link if you want to check it out: http://www.theotherwoman.net/

    It's a great idea. I think post partum doulas also offer similar services, but those are usually for moms with new/very young babies.

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  • I, personally, think it's an awesome idea!

    One thing to think about might be to offer a package deal - i.e. if they purchase, say, 10 hours upfront, maybe offer a couple dollars an hour discount?  I've seen that done at drop-in childcare centers.

    Great idea! :)

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