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OBGYN recs??

Hi Ladies- I used to be very active on the Knot and the Nest back in the day lol and my DH and I have recently decided to start back at TTC after a break.  We relocated back to NH and I am looking for some recommendations on OBGYNS or practices that can take me preconception thru delivery.  I expect that we would be looking in the Manchester area and at this point I am opening to delivering at either CMC or the Elliot.  Any suggestions or rec would be appreciated as well as ones people had a negitive experience with or didn't like for whatever reason.



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Re: OBGYN recs??

  • I go to Manchester OB, in front of The Elliot. So far, so good. I definitely prefer one OB to the others, but haven't had a bad experience with any of them.

    I've also heard good things about Beford Commons OB

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  • I use Dartmouth Hitchcook OB/GYN who deliver at CMC. I have seen numerous OBs and Midwifes there and they all have been super! I like CMC because they have a great maternity wing (the moms place) which looks and feels more like home then a hospital. I switched here bc Bedford Womens Health no longer does OB, just GYNO. 
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  • Thanks for the replies.  I was considering both those practices.  A coworker recommended Dartmouth Hitchcock Obs/Midwives as well- specifically the green team?  She mentioned that they do the team approach where you are assigned one team throughout the pregnancy.  Not sure how that works- is that your experience?


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  • I 2nd the recommendation for Manchester OB across from Elliot.    I've had 3 babies with them so far and will go back when/if we have another!  I really liked delivering at the Elliot.   The rooms were nice, very quiet, lots of snacks/beverages for Mom and Dad.  My babies were all in the NICU so it was nice to be in the same hospital as them.
  • They do have teams there made of Docs and Midwifes, depending on which you prefer. My husband and I have seen both Doc/Midwifes and have seen a variety of teams. We don't have a preference as far as who we work with so it has been easier as far as scheduling goes.

    We are going for an all natural approach when it comes to the delivery. Everyone has been great to work with. Dr. Crandall has been our favorite. He use to be at the Elliot but moved over to CMC. He is very down to earth, easy to get along with and answers your questions in a manor that makes you very comfortable.  

  • I 3rd the recommendation for Manchester OB.  The staff there is amazing and super friendly.  Plus, they deliver at both CMC and Eliot.  We have chosen Eliot over CMC due to the staff credentials and the fact that they have a NICU.  


    Here's an clip we really liked (but we're NPR junkies).   https://www.nhpr.org/node/32846

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  • Thanks everyone-- Another thing I noticed about Manchester OB- when I run the numbers for insurance (we have a high deductible plan) the Manchester OB practice costs always come in over $2000 less than the DH practice.  I guess DH just has higher contracted rates, either way, I expect to reach my max out of pocket so that doesn't help me make a decision!!  Thanks for all the input!
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  • Thanks for all the recommendations- I made an appointment with Manchester OB for later this month.  
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  • I have used Bedford Commons for 5 years now. Love them (well all but one doctor)! Were great while pregnant and delivery.
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