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Double implantation bleeding?

I am about 7 weeks pregnant. I haven't had my ob appt yet so I don't know if it is one baby or two babies. I had implantation bleeding twice. The first on a wed/thurs- wed with a few swipes of red blood and thurs was dark mucus. And had the same exact thing the following Tues/wed. I have had no spotting since and  both episodes were before BFP.  I know it sounds strange, but it "feels" like twins. I will be thrilled either way. I know none of you will be able to tell me if it is twins, I am just curious if any of you experienced this?

Re: Double implantation bleeding?

  • No, but spotting can be different for everyone. Have you called to ask your OB? Some want to see you any time you have any spotting at all. Good luck!

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  • What do you mean "feels" like twins? Just curious...
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  • I spotted like this for both my singleton and twin pregnancies...
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    What do you mean "feels" like twins? Just curious...

    I just have a stange hunch. Everytime I think about the pregnancy I think about 2 babies. I think most Moms have instincts about their pregnancy. My first pregnancy I was very unsettled and had a very bad feeling about it and it ended in missed miscarriage. My 2nd I felt like it was a girl from day 1 and it was. Just a "feeling". Like I said  I will be very happy either way.

  • I'm having twins (I had an u/s at 6 weeks and 7 weeks due to fertility issues), and I didn't have implantation bleeding at all.  I did have a "feeling" that they were twins before the first u/s, though.  Good luck!
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