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Leaving LO overnight for the first time :(

We are going to Cedar Point on our annual trip (missed it last year when I was pregnant) and I am leaving DS with my mom for the night. My mom is the only person I trust with him, but OMG! I don't know how I am going to make it through the night. I am going to miss him sooooo much! I cried last night when I packed his bag. I hope I don't cry the whole time we are gone.

Sunday we have a 3 hour drive to visit DH's family for thanksgiving and then a 3 hour drive home the same day. I hope LO sleeps in the car! He has never been in the car for that long. I am thinking we will have to stop a few times to get him out of the carseat. Thank goodness that my family is in town for Monday thanksgiving dinner. Yay for 2 turkey dinners :) But it is going to be a busy weekend!

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Re: Leaving LO overnight for the first time :(

  • I love Cedar Point!!  We didn't go this year or last, but will next year.

    And don't worry, you trust your Mom so just have fun! 


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  • I dread this, but DH will be with them. I have a conference mid-November and will be gone 2 days.

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  • You made me tear up reading that you cried packing his bag! Can you bring one of LO's items with you? maybe a worn onesie? Have fun!
  • Good luck! It will be tough but you can do it. The first time we left Michael overnight with my sister in law who lives 20 minutes from us, I felt like I was physically missing a piece of me. I kept looking over my shoulder in the backseat expecting him to be there. We ended up having a good and much needed time alone together and you will too!

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  • I've left Silas overnight with my aunt 3 times. I don't like leaving him overnight at all. I miss him way too much.

    I find it was easier if you have the person watching LO text you pictures throughout the night :)
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  • i feel like a crappy mom. jack spends the night at grandma and grandpas at least 4 times a month. they love having him there and he spends the day there when im at work anyway so he is comfortable there. i miss him like hell when hes gone but i sure love the sleep i get.
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