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Is there ANYthing that is offered in the state of Kentucky to help an uninsured pregnant woman????

 My husband and I were married this past May and had planned to get our own insurance once all of the marriage 'fun' was finished.  Well, we found out that I was pregnant the day after returning from our honeymoon, and since then it has been a nightmare trying to make sure my little bundle of joy will be taken care of.

Medicaid has been unsuccessful.  Pregnancy is considered 'pre-existing' to every insurance company.  We did not qualify for the hospital assistance.

It seems that every state around us offers something for a pregnant woman who is un/under insured and it is becoming so frustrating!

 Any insight would be so greatly appreciated.

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  • I had uninsured maternity coverage through Trihealth. They have an OB contract which is one set price for prenatal visits, birth, and postpartum visit. The price is $2,400 unless you have a c/s and its an additional $500. I would check with the Kentucky hospitals to see if they have a comparable deal or see if you can come to Ohio. I delivered at Good Sam in Clifton with my first and will be going to Bethesda North in Montgomery with my second. GL.

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  • Unfortunately, to get the benefits of the $2500 cover (only offered in Ohio) you must be an Ohio resident.  I am just in Northern Kentucky so I am going to check out if they will let me slide, but the hospitals around here do not offer anything like that.

    Thank you!

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  • Are you sure that you need to be an Ohio resident? I am almost positive that a friend of mine who also lives in Nky was able to do that program through Good Sam. I would also suggest contacting someone at New Hope Center-- its a pregnancy care center with locations in Crestview Hills, Latonia and Alexandria. They will be able to help you navigate to get help-- they also have nurses/ultrasound techs on staff and work with Sister Kay who is a midwife with St.E. My MIL, Pam Glenn, is the director and all of the staff are really great- HTH!
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  • Thank you so much!  I will look into Good Sam again, but when I did call they said that they could not do anything for me because I was not an Ohio resident.  And, I will definitely look into New Hope Center.  Again, thank you for another option!
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