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Sleepy baby after circumcision

DS was just circumcised this afternoon, and while I expected him to be up and fussy, so far he has only slept. I had to wake him up to feed/change him, but then he knocked right back out. How did your LO react to the procedure, and should I expect a night of hell ahead of us then?
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Re: Sleepy baby after circumcision

  • Our LO was soooooo sleepy post circumcision I couldn't keep him awake to eat.  He ended up losing weight by his appointment the next day, but then gained 2 ounces 2 days later.  He also had a complication with the circumcision (blood clot formed at the wound site) which also healed fine -- all in all he was sleepy and grumpy when he got changed for a few days, but was otherwise a great baby.
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  • Yup DS was so sleepy after his...the nurse said to expect him to be very sleepy. We took advantage of it and got some rest ourselves LoL

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  • My LO was very sleepy for about 24 hrs m did not nurse that often or well. Totally normal.  your nite will be fine


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  • Ds got his circ the day after he was born, he slept a solid 9 hours afterward. The nurse told us it's normal and not to bother him, just let him sleep.
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  • I heard that this is very normal for them. Our Dr prefers to wait until the 2 week checkup so it doesn't interfere with their feeding the first few days. I hate to say it but she told us that he would be sleepy and probably sleep most of the day and I was actually looking a little forward to the time to sleep or catch up on laundry, but the procedure was right around when he started a growth spurt and he was wide awake and ready for food right on schedule. Smile 
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