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I'm bored. So I'm drinking...

DH has the girls outside for a couple minutes.  The requisite "break" I get from a hard days work :D.  Nothing's going on here so I'm drinking instead.

Anyone care to join? 

Edit:  I'm also drinking because I really want some ice cream, but obviously I'm not going to spoil my dinner w/ that- 


Re: I'm bored. So I'm drinking...

  • that's awesome


  • I will be joining you in about an hour!


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  • I think I'm going for the wine after dinner...just finished some coffee so I should be working on the kitchen disaster. Boo! Enjoy your break!
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  • What were you enjoying? ~

    I am joining you now- I had to wait until I was able to find BRADS at the art store... do you have any idea what it is like to ask a male employee (who TRULY looked like he did NOT want to be there) where they keep their brads? ~ He looked at me like WTF lady... are you serious? Does it even LOOK like I know what they are????


    I found them though- and I am enjoying a beer! :)

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