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Should we take this class, or am I being silly?

"Newborn Essentials: How will your baby adjust to life outside the womb? How will you adjust to life with your baby? Here?s the essential introduction to life with a newborn. From the first hours after birth, to the first weeks at home, this class offers information, tips and proven techniques to keep your baby safe, happy and healthy. Using doll models, you?ll learn the basics of bathing, diapering, swaddling, umbilical cord and circumcision care, colic holds, gas relief techniques, and how to comfort a crying infant. Newborn health concerns, signs of illness, how to take a temperature, and when to call the doctor will be reviewed; as well as car seat safety and installation, reducing risk factors for SIDS and maintaining a safe home environment."

It is 3 hours, $60. I feel as though my nannying and running a daycare center is enough prep that I could muddle through, but A has only ever held an infant, and she will be taking 3 months of maternity leave, so she will need to know all about taking care of a baby. Worth it or waste of time/cash?

Re: Should we take this class, or am I being silly?

  • We took it and I thought it was a waste. The only thing that was helpful was how to give him a bath.
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  • imagemagdalina.h:
    We took it and I thought it was a waste. The only thing that was helpful was how to give him a bath.

    We didn't take it. but took a birthing class (was free) and I liked it, we took it mostly for Dh since he had never really been around or held a bab!!. Also they showed us how to bath the baby in the hospital.

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  • If she's never really been around babies, it might be worth it. More for get confidence than anything else.
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  • I would do it to help A feel more comfortable.
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  • Obviously everyone is different, but we only took the classes at the hospital after the baby was born, and DH, who had never even held a baby before, did great and is a SAHD 2 days a week.

    $60 isn't a big deal, but I wouldn't want to spend three hours at a class unless your DW really thought it would make a big difference for her confidence.

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  • It was helpful to us, learning to swaddle properly and bathe properly.

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  • imagegreenclown:
    I would do it to help A feel more comfortable.


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  • imagesoftskate31:
    It might help A be more comfortable...some of sounds "obvious" but $60 isn't that bad. Id do it.

    Yeah, I would do it if it was something DH would want.  He is still nervous holding newborns so I can't imagine he would feel comfortable bathing them etc....

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  • If A wants to do it that's reason enough but we took it (it's probably the same one through Isis, right?) and it was honestly pretty pointless.  DH had never really been around kids but he didn't feel he got a lot out of it.  Parenting requires lots of on the job training :-p
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  • Is this through Isis (I'm from Boston as well). We did this class, but it was really only helpful in that it made my husband slightly more prepared and a bit more "holy crap, we're having a baby."  Personally, I'd skip it and take their Great Beginnings class for new moms and their 2-8 week old babies.  That class was incredibly useful, and you got to meet a lot of people going through the same stuff as you!


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  • We didn't take it and probably wouldn't have if we had the opportunity. I think they teach you a lot of those things (swaddling, baths, etc) at the hospital after the baby is born, no? But, to echo everyone else, if you think it will make A feel more comfortable go for it.
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