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What do you think of this age range for in home daycare?

I am searching for daycare for my 13-month old DS and my 2-year old DD.  Yesterday, I visited a place in which my daughter would have been the oldest by over a year.  That was one of the factors that made me decide it was not a good fit, though there were many others.

Tonight all 4 of us are visiting a potential in home daycare that has all 2-4 year olds.  At first, I thought it was great because then DD would have others around her age.  But now I am thinking--poor DS--he will be the youngest by over a year.  But part of me thinks thats okay, and he will adjust.  Anyone have experience or words of wisdom on the age ranges for in-home daycare?  Poor second kid!

Re: What do you think of this age range for in home daycare?

  • If you really love the place you visit today, I wouldn't worry too much about it. When my LOs started at 4 months, they were the youngest. All the other kids were over 18 months. However, since then, the in-home DCP has had some kids leave (went on to pre-school, moved, etc.) and new kids have come in, some younger than our LOs, some the same age, etc.

    What's most important is that our DCP didn't change and my kids are getting consistent loving care from her. In addition, at 13 months, they don't really play with other kids. By the time your LO is old enough to play with other kids, some new ones his age may have started. My LOs don't even really play with each other, especially at DC, where the older kids love to interact with them.

  • I agree that I wouldn't worry about it too much. My in-home DCP has a range of children from 4 months (my baby) to 3 years old with most of them around 18 months to 2ish. The 3 yo plays with my 2 yo a lot and seems completely happy even though she's the oldest at 3 yo. I know the younger ones still gets lots of stimulation because the older ones sometimes talk to them or play with them. The kids at the daycare sometimes change as new babies come in and older kids start going to preschool.

    I would focus more on your general vibe of the place and DCP and what is going to work best in the longterm.

    FWIW, I orginally was going to move my 2 yo to a preschool this summer because I was worried that she was getting towards the older range of the DC and I was somewhat concerned since because her DCP has english as a second language and I didn't know if this would impact her language development. However, my 2 yo is thriving there and learning so much. I felt that keeping her in a consistent environment at the in-home and with her sister is a huge bonus. I will definitely keep her there until she is at least 3 (even though she will probably be the oldest) and I may even keep her there until age 4.

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  • I don't think either of the two options are so bad.  DD learned a lot when she was one of the two youngest of nine at her in-home daycare and really bonded with a girl over a year older than her.  Now she is apparently enjoying being "queen bee" (our DCP's words) as one of the two oldest right now.  There has always been another kid within six months or so of her age, but that's not necessarily the one she's closest to anyways.

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  • Thanks so much for all of your thoughts.  On paper this place sounds great so I am cautiously optimistic!

     vtkendra--thanks too for your thoughts on how long you are thinking of leaving your older DD at an in home place.  I need to make a change now and have been wondering if I should do an in-home for my DD or if a center would be better because, ideally, I would want to keep her at the same place for 2 years, until she is 4 and can start public preschool. 
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