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I need stuffed animal lovey recommendations

I started putting a Fisher Price Soothe and Glow seahorse in DD#1's bed around 6 months and it became her tride and true lovey. It is such a comfort to her and for some reason, she loves the feel of the softness on the fins. We actually have 4 of them (one at DCP's house, one at the grandparent's and 2 at home).

DD#1 has started "sharing" her lovey with DD#2 sometimes and DD#2 can grab onto the fins and hold it. So, I'm thinking I can start introducing a potential lovey with DD#2 soon since she can now hold onto things.

I would try to use the seahorse as a lovey for DD#2 but I'm afraid it would cause arguments down the road because eventually we will try to wean DD#1 from her lovey because she always sucks her thumb while holding it and I want to try to wean her from the thumbsucking by around age 4 (per dentist). So, I wouldn't want DD#2 to have that same lovey when we are weaning DD#1.

So, after all of that background, I want new lovey ideas that I can introduce for DD#2. Here are my ideal requirements:

1. Cost less than $15 so we can get buy multiples of it (I don't want some obscure $50 lovey or homemade blanket that cannot be duplicated).

2. Be a small/medium stuffed animal and not a blanket. We have a dog and when DD drags blankets on the floor they get covered with doghair.

3. Not have a battery operated mechanism in it or at least have the ability to remove it (we took out the music thing in DD#1's seahorse)

Does anyone have any ideas of things I could try?

Also, I know that the lovey I choose my not "take" but I just want to start DD#2 off with something to see if it takes because the lovey has helped DD#1 tremendously with self-soothing.

On a side note, my SIL used the same lovey for all of her kids and it wasn't an issue until #6 came along. She would put baby #6 in the crib at night with the lovey and between 2am and 5am every night, toddler #5 would sneak into the bedroom, steal the lovey out of the crib and go back to his room. Baby #6 would then start crying. Anyway, I just think it's kind of funny (but also something that I want to avoid).

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Re: I need stuffed animal lovey recommendations

  • I know you said not a blanket, but this is a small blanket.  It is the angel dear blankie.  We tried so many different lovies for DD with no luck and then I bought this and she took it right away!  They are so soft and cuddly. 



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  • Do the kids have any stuffed animals they got as gifts?  Maggie never took to anything I tried to give her as a baby and she was more of toddler when she started to get attached but even now she doesn't NEED them and goes through cycles of her fave things to cleep with.

    Molly on the other hand got very attached to this bunny headed blanket thing.  The blanket isn't long enough to drag on the floor.

    I would just try what you already have if possible - anything with no button like eyes - all things on it should be thread sewn on, nothing they can suck off.  Or take a look at local stores and pick up something - that way if it takes you can go back and buy more.

    imageThis is similar to what we have.  Molly really likes the silky lining on it.

  • DS has this Snoopy, but in white:  http://www.amazon.com/Hallmark-Peanuts-SOFT-SNOOPY-Happiness/dp/B002ONYLEW/ref=pd_sxp_f_i.  They sell them at most hallmark stores for I think $9.99.  We have six of them that we rotate.  They wash well in the washing machine but lose some of the fluffiness if you dry them.  DS LOVES his Snoopy!  When we took his pacifer away, he used to chew on Snoopy's nose.  He doesn't do that as much any more but still carries Snoopy around and has to have him to sleep.


    ETA:  There are no small parts or plastic pieces - everything is sewn on.  Snoopy is maybe 8 inches long, so a nice small size to carry everywhere and not have to drag.

  • Would a tiny blankie work?  One that wouldn't drag on the ground because it's so small.  DS also loves his Angel Dear giraffe. He has been super attached to it since newborn stage.  It washes well and is so soft!  Sometimes he holds the head in his hand and sometimes he just strokes the blanket part, or he lays it across his chest.  We watch him on the monitor...precious. 
  • Thanks ladies. The small blanket/stuff animal things are definitely an option as well as the Snoopy (I like the small size). Also, thanks for the reminder about the button eyes, etc.

    I think we only have a few stuffed animals that we got as gifts but I was nervous about using them unless I could find out where to buy them. I think one stuffed animal was purchased at TJMaxx which means getting duplicates may be difficult. I got one of those soothing lamb stuffed animals as a gift but I think they are like $30 so that's too expensive for buying duplicates. I'll look around more at home but I'm pretty sure that there weren't any really good options so I think I'll buy something new.

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  • DS got this cute monkey as a gift and I kept offering it to him and he now really loves it. He's not completely attached to it, but he does love carrying him around the house sometimes and gets really excited to see him. It's really soft and small enough to hold on to.
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  • When DD was smaller, she loved this Pat the Bunny doll that comes as a gift set with the book.  It's a good size for babies to hold - maybe 5" - even if it's horribly ugly.  We got two when she was attached to it but then she sort of gave it up, so you're welcome to the undestroyed spare if you want to test it out :)

    Around her 1st birthday, we gave her this Gund bear.  It's the 8" version - it comes in several sizes - and perfect for toddler cuddling, though maybe too small for a baby's lovey.

    Both have done well in the washer/dryer, though the bear's fur is a little matted.  Both seem to be $12 on Amazon.

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