Parenting after a Loss

Working Moms Check in

(technically I'm unemployed, but whatever)

Ok ladies, 2 ups and 2 downs.

QOTW: would you eat shark? Why or why not?
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Re: Working Moms Check in

  • Ups:

    * I get to work at home which means jeans, t shirts and no makeup
    * I use my brain for something other than finger food and Elmo


    * I worry that DS isn't getting enough "education" during the day or a set schedule of activities
    * I am paying for daycare (this will stop in December/January though)

    I would eat shark.  I will try almost anything at least once.

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  • Yes my boss is out of town

    Yes  my annoying co-irker is retiring in 12 days

    No  I slept for sh!t last night because my dog kept scratching at the door and that spooked me

    No  MH passed up tickets for Sunday's Colts game. I'm a diehard Colts fan and he's a diehard Browns fan

    QOTW: no there are just some animals that I won't eat.

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  • Ups: had the beginning of this week off, lots of QT with LO Downs: working nights this weekend, should do wonders for our sleep issues ?: Sure, is that not PC?
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  • Ups:

    1.  I'm only working two days this week

    2.  I have an office and can close to the door at anytime



    1.  I'm at work today and I'm busy

    2.  MIL is watching DD today and I hate how she thinks that when DH is out of town she seems to be in aww that I can juggle being a mom who works, takes care of the house, does 'man chores' (ie mow the lawn, take out trash) and be pregnant at the same time.

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  • Um, I'm kinda in awe. I'm exhausted just reading that.
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  • Ups: We are halfway through the week.  I have almost completed 4 out of the 32  weeks of the school year.

    Downs: My grandpa is in the hospital again.  I wish I was with DD.

    QOTW: I wouldn't eat shark.  I hate any type of seafood, so it just doesn't sound appealing.

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  • Yes boss is out of town this week

    Yes DH is coming home tonight...I haven't seen him since Friday morning! yay!

    No only got 4 hours of sleep last night ugh

    No I have to get a root canal tomorrow ugh

    yes, I've tried shark before.  doesn't hurt to try things once.  just tastes like tough chicken.

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  • Up: Had a vacation last week and it was fabulous. DD and I are taking my BFF and her little girl out for birthday treats this weekend which will be fun.

    Down. DH started school last night (also really an up) but we're not going to see much of each other now I feel. LO cannot STTN anymore and its slowly killing me.

    QOTW: No. I feel like they're kind of badasses and should be respected and not eaten. Though I will try just about anything once.

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  • Yes I've started doing some independent contract work for a health care company and just got my first (really awesome) commission check!

    No My 2nd job is more aggravation than my regular job

    Yes We've been in our new house for almost a month and it's starting to really feel like our house

    No We still have a crap ton of painting to do and to renovate the basement that was flooded during the hurricane

    QOTD: I'm game to try anything once, so sure

  • Yes 4 day work week. Fri off!

    Yes DD turns 1 on Sun. Party on Sat.

    No DD has narrow ear canals so specialist appt Fri.

    No DD has had diarrhea since Sat.

    QOTD: no, don't eat seafood


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  • Yes R started crawling on Monday

    Yes R started pulling himself up Yesterday

    No I am just not feeling work laterly

    No I need to get my butt into gear and start working out regularly

    QOTD: I don't know if I could. . . .  I guess we will see if the opportunity ever presents itself.

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    I'll hold you in my heart until I hold you in heaven

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  • Yes Tomorrow is pay day!!

    Yes Today was a good drop off day at DC.  Yesterday, C cried when I dropped him off, today he damn near jumped from my arms to his "teacher."  I like days when he doesn't cry when I leave him.

    No Some bitter_ass client filed an ethical complaint against me and my firm.  It's no big deal and I'm not worried, it's just a hassle.

    No I fought with DH last night b/c he was b*tching and complaining about his iPhone charger not working when I was up with a wide awake baby at midnight.  Come to me when you have a real problem, like no sleep in the near future!!

    QOTD: I'd try it.  I've had alligator before and it wasn't half bad, so I can't imagine shark would be bad either.

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  • Ups

    - DH is off Wednesday. That means he does the cooking, runs errands and picks up DS early.
    - I took a walk by myself this afternoon. It felt great.

    - Wednesday is our 2 hour department meeting and it always is annoying. (I guess this should be an up since it is done but I hate it so I am keeping it here.)
    - Work is getting crazy and I have a harder time being on for DS after being on for the kiddos at school all day.

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